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paulmc, Mar 1, 1:27pm
Papanui here

puddles11, Mar 1, 1:28pm
Earthquake, earthquake!

penguin5, Mar 1, 1:28pm
little one in casebrook

cjh1, Mar 1, 1:28pm
Yup loud

coralsnake, Mar 1, 1:28pm

martiantripod, Mar 1, 1:29pm

young1, Mar 1, 1:30pm
That was weird

penguin5, Mar 1, 1:30pm
3.4, Halswell, 10km deep initial report

cjh1, Mar 1, 1:30pm
Didn't feel much at all just noise

puddles11, Mar 1, 1:31pm
A good rattle in Saint Albans.

paulmc, Mar 1, 1:31pm
3.40 at 9.00 km deep at 2:27am,
2 km south-south-west of Halswell

antonio_62, Mar 1, 1:31pm
Phillipstown, normally sleep through them but this one woke me up

penguin5, Mar 1, 1:32pm
now showing 3.6 and 8km deep

peca, Mar 1, 1:33pm
Linwod - lots of rattles

mme, Mar 1, 1:35pm
Just a wiggle wiggle here in North Richmond.

ttaotua1, Mar 1, 1:35pm
Like being on a boat where the house i felt it in Mairehau

jen367, Mar 1, 1:38pm
why wont "cant live" come up?

pinkcell, Mar 1, 1:40pm
Russley. Rocking boat???

paulmc, Mar 1, 1:40pm
I couldn't get it first up so they changed something. I then googled "canterbury quake live" and found it.


penguin5, Mar 1, 1:40pm
I couldn't get quakelive to load as it said error the last few days on two different computers. - was in my favourites. Goggled it for new link and works fine.

penguin5, Mar 1, 1:41pm
snap paulmc

dreamingofbali, Mar 1, 1:55pm
ping pong

dreamingofbali, Mar 1, 2:01pm
That one at 3:45 am yesterday is now showing as centred in Parklands. Last time I looked it was off in the water

jessie981, Mar 1, 5:01pm
Sure did & still awake!

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