Has Anyone Had Problems

smf6661, Jun 14, 4:12am
with M.G.Homes & them getting the permits for the building to start We have been given 2 dates to move out & to get the Removal People in & now Im going to have to cancel the Removalist again.We were meant to move out at the end of last month then I found out the Permit hadnt been issued,then we were told the end of this month & I have found out M.G.still havent supplied the paper work again that they were given 20 days to supply.S.R. are no help what so ever they dont even seem to know whats going on,we are in our 60's & I have very bad health problems & all this crap is not helping us.Nearly all our things are packed & now Im going to have to unpack some things grr.

spunkeymonkey, Jun 15, 1:49am
who are M G Homes - M G stands for.

smf6661, Jun 15, 5:33am
Mike Greer Homes.

david_270, Jun 15, 8:39am
Don't muck around. Go straight to Peter Rose. By phone - you'll probably just get his PA - and then follow up in writing. Copy in your Arrow PM and his boss. Its not unusual for MG's to take liberties and treat people like dirt, so it needs a bigger pair of boots to kick them than yours.
The In the Know Hub ends soon - you could make an appointment or just turn up when SR are there.

smf6661, Jun 16, 4:02am
Thanks david_270 who is Peter Rose?. the people down at the Hub have been trying to help plus from the housing etc & they cant believe the lies that keep getting told as they have heard them for them selves,they are digusted.Its just that no one seems to know whats going on so they lie to cover their backsides & I have had enough with dealing with liars,my case manager was meant to ring this morning to update me & guess what I havent heard from her surprise suprise "not".

thebuzzyone, Jun 16, 5:07am
Do NOT accept any rubbish info from a housing company that the Council is holding up a "permit" (which hasn't existed since 1992 by the way - they mean a "building consent"). The Council, since regaining accreditation and no longer being under crown management, are achieving 99% consents (residential ones) issued within the timeframe - and bearing in mind that the timeframe used now is LESS than that required by law (as required by the crown manager and continued on by current building group management).

The only reason there's any hold up on the issuing of a building consent now is a "garbage in: gargabe out" situation where the applicant has not submitted everything needed meaning it's their own fault.

Vetting is much tighter at the front door too. Offen delays mean: we went to lodge our application for building consent but were turned away because they said our application was missing one or more pieces of vital information.

It was foolish of Council, as they did in days gone by, to accept any old rubbish over the counter starting the processing clock then being caned for delays because they then have to ask everything about it. The legislation allows the Council to refuse inadequate applications and that is now what is happening.

Housing companies have used the Council as an excuse for delays for years and still try this on (basically bullsh*t or bluff because the average customer wouldn't know any better) but the reality is somewhat different.

Granted, the Council of old did have issues with consenting timeframes. Absolutely. However not anymore.

Remember, the independant auditing of the Council by IANZ that led to the loss of accreditation happens every year - and is happening again in the upcoming months. Council can simply not afford to let things slip. and thus far hasn't.

In short. don't believe all you hear and read about Council performance in terms of issuing building consents. Things have changed. Building Companies however. haven't caught up with this revelation and still try to shift "blame" for delays onto them.

david_270, Jun 16, 6:12am

smf6661, May 10, 3:14pm
Well it looks like my C.M. doesnt even want to talk to me now as she has sent an email telling me that the Demo is set for next month now(3rd time lucky)& I know it wont be happening(from some one that knows).My front neighbour has been trying to ring M.G. & they are just ignoring his ph calls etc.David _270 I have tried to ring that person in the above message but had no luck.S.R. & Arrow are useless as they believe what ever M.G. tell them & dont bother to check the information out before passing it on to us.Its just not fair what they are getting away with & nobody does any thing about it,we have been packed up for nearly 3 months now & god knows when it will actually happen for us to move out to the Village.

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