Who's getting up early tomorrow?

And going to the remembrance service in New Brighton?

astrophe, Sep 4, 6:31 pm

haven't heard about it, what is it for,( excuse my ignorance )

kids4ever, Sep 4, 8:38 pm

Remembrance service. On the 4th of September. In Christchurch. Do you need more clues?

bitsy_boffin, Sep 4, 8:53 pm

Why New Brighton? It came from the other side of Chch. We got 90% of our damage from the first one, out in Weedons.

jett.industries, Sep 4, 9:06 pm

I'd love to go. But I can't miss out on my sleep for college, I have no way to get there anyway.

xmakara, Sep 4, 9:15 pm

nope still catching up from sleep since the e/q started.

stefanie1, Sep 4, 9:26 pm

Nope, working.

jessebird, Sep 4, 11:03 pm

You'd have to ask the Mayor that.

Nice, but small, service. There will undoubtedly be another on Feb 22 for that one.

astrophe, Jun 9, 3:44 am

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