Hope the forecast is wrong. 10 days of rain!

paulmc, Sep 20, 1:15 am

Well thats my weekend in the garden ruined

rollydog1, Sep 20, 3:25 am

kevymtnz, Sep 20, 4:02 am

Hope the weather is right, drought on it's way and I have 40 acres of dry paddocks already.

jett.industries, Sep 20, 5:46 am

no no please no, yesterday was so lovely

slimgym, Sep 20, 5:46 am

Same, 25 dry acres here.

deanna14, Sep 20, 12:33 pm

Metservice 10 day forecast for Chch is flawed.
If there's been a period of rain, but forecast pressure indicates low wind, then for some stupid reason the algorithm they use defaults to "rain" or "showers" with "light" or "little" wind.
It's actually very unusual to get rain in Chch when wind is low - rain and showers tend to come with Southerlies or E/NE humid winds.
I suspect whoever set that up for Metservice has never been here. Probably an Aucklander - someone used to rain or showers under basically any wind condition.

mm12345, Sep 20, 1:01 pm

this site is much better = http://cwu.co.nz/forecast/christchurch/

pettal, Sep 20, 1:10 pm

Yep pretty depressing weather that's for sure

hayster94, Sep 20, 1:20 pm

I have worked out that's its right as, if they say the wx is going to be terrible, then its usually a good time to hang the washing out, and guarantee it will dry

craftylady1, Sep 20, 1:27 pm

I have worked out that the only time they get it right is retrospectively. Last Xmas they forecast rain for 5 days running so I spent $1100 on fertilizing a paddock. Had to keep the llamas off it for over 8 weeks until it came. Even so I do hope we get it now.

jett.industries, Sep 20, 3:23 pm

I still hope the forecast is wrong. There are only 2 days where light winds are predicted therefore only 2 fine days (if you're right) out of 10.

paulmc, Sep 20, 5:13 pm

I don??t have much faith in believing Metservice as being very accurate at all, can be very depressing, lol.
I prefer and find wunderground weather normally get it right with the daytime temperature as well as the long distance rain forecast.
You can change the station for the area closest to you for more accuracy.


nanske, Sep 20, 6:13 pm

I don't have any faith in Metservice either they have been wrong too many times. Thanks for that link.

melford, Sep 20, 7:33 pm

First night of rain, just wish day was a bit warmer to make my grass grow

jett.industries, Sep 21, 11:16 am

metservice are a joke. they cant predict 2 days in advance let alone 10

treecave, Sep 21, 6:38 pm

I just hope that those who need the rain most (especially in the Hawarden area) get plenty. I welcome it at this time of year as it's forecast for a long dry summer, again.

samanya, Sep 24, 3:22 pm

Indeed, one nor'wester and we are done, so all rain is welcome my way.

jett.industries, Apr 3, 3:10 am

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