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lilbubble, Aug 21, 3:43am
you really need to train your staff better being ignored when being served leaves me not wanting to come back. eye contact or and even a hello or thank you is better then nothing.

deanna14, Aug 21, 4:50am
Agree. But why did you not note their name and ring the manager after you got home or speak to the person in charge before you left? I have stopped and spoken to the person in charge for a compliment and a complaint at times. Speak up or nothing will change.

metaller, Aug 21, 5:10am
i got told off by their stuff cos they were too lazy to work and serve customer.

lilbubble, Aug 21, 5:12am
mainly because one should not have to. some form of decent customer service is expected and for the most the norm these days. catch 22 why should i have to waste my time trying to get something that should already be in place in a business like countdown. I give them my hard earned cash which over 12mths would amount to thousands of my hard earned dollars least i expect in return is a little friendliness. Im moving back to pac an slave cheaper anyway an the kids on tills are friendly

mbos, Aug 21, 5:31am
On the whole I've always had very good service there, very friendly and efficient. There has been the odd exception that proved the rule, but funnily enough, other staff who had noticed encouraged me to make a complaint about those staff members!

samanya, Aug 21, 6:28am
Unless you point out your dissatisfaction to management, . how the hell are they ever going to know? It's a big enterprise & it's feedback from customers (positive as well as negative) that shape their staff training.
A polite (if you can) complaint would go a long way & don't forget to give bouquets as well as brickbats.
Heaps of people are bloody quick to complain . but how many are equally quick to praise . have you ever praised, Hmmm, ?

kids4ever, Aug 21, 6:33am
i don't think their is any better or worse customer service anywhere, but rather than moan on here complain to manager and if you are so unhappy, don't go back, have you ever looked in the mirror and realise it might not be them it may have been your attitude

jamesnmatt, Aug 21, 7:19am
I'm the same, and even when I've struck one who has been less than brilliant the fact that the majority of their staff are so lovely has more than compensated for it :)

joburger, Aug 21, 7:58am
I've always found the staff there fantastic. It's the supermarket I go to 95% of the time

junie2, Aug 21, 9:42am
I reckon they're pretty good over-all too. OP - of course you don't "have to" do anything about less than great service, but there's not much pointing moaning about it on here unless you do. If you'd like something to change, you need to nudge it in the right direction, and like others have said, that means giving credit in the good times too.

kids4ever, Aug 21, 10:07am
a real good thing to do and it does help a checkout operater taking a different approach to you, is, look at their name badge and say as example, "hello, Laura , how are you " and immediate reaction is totally different and when you leave, say " well thanks Laura, have a great day" or night, to whatever suits the time, take a few seconds to gather you things, and then i say again, thanks Bye. Try it, it really does work, years ago i worked on checkouts and always said to myself, i will always treat my customers how i would like to be treated, and i did, and loved the job, got my regular customers, even going out your way at times helped them as well, works both ways

coralsnake, Aug 21, 10:07am
The new store at Spitfire Square opens at the end of the month.

kids4ever, Aug 21, 10:11am
where is Spitfire Square please, never heard of it, great name TIA

coralsnake, Aug 21, 2:08pm

planespotterhvn, Aug 21, 5:04pm
Wow. Haven't been to the airport in 4 months and its finished!

planespotterhvn, Aug 21, 5:15pm
Poor young woman may have been worn down by customers being grumpy or sexually harassing her, or by workplace bullying by supervision, or working 10 hours at youth rates. Be friendly to the Check out staff and they may blossom back.

craftylady1, Aug 21, 6:08pm
I went into the Spitfire Square one last weekend and its not too bad at all. Staff very nice. However, I won't be a convert from Ilam New World.
Ultimately, a grumpy staff member , anywhere, isn't as annoying as a shop not having a product I went there for.

And for the record, I used to shop at Papanui CD, and never had any issues with any staff.

craftylady1, Aug 21, 6:11pm
It opened just over a week ago. The complex out there is going to be very big when it's completed.

coralsnake, Aug 21, 8:47pm
I don't think the complex is 'that big'. Parking could be a problem during various times of the day.

craftylady1, Aug 22, 3:18am
There are a lot of new shops going in. None are finished yet. Parking didn't seem too bad

tygertung, Aug 22, 4:57am
Countdown at the airport opened on the 14th.

kids4ever, Aug 22, 5:11am
thankyou, didn't know anything about it, will have to go and have a peep

planespotterhvn, Aug 24, 1:15pm
Drove to the airport to see it on Sunday, half the car park is still getting finished. And there is more carparking around the back of the other shops. The rebuilt Sudima Hotel next door is looking good too.

planespotterhvn, Aug 24, 1:17pm
Gonna knock some business from Raewards at the top of Orchard Road.

coralsnake, Aug 24, 3:19pm
Called in on Saturday on the way home to get a couple of things. Service was non-existent for anyone with less than 12 items. Asked one of the two guys at the Lotto counter besides the express lane if it would be opened - no. Yet these two were standing there doing nothing.

Guy running around answering 'dings' [booze] wasn't concerned.
If this is going to be their attitude then they need to sharpen up.

As for parking, disabled parking was a barch to get out of with other cars coming around the corner - nearly got wiped out twice.
No pedestrian crossings so peeps walking behind you without a care if they got knocked over or not.

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