COST of ENGINEERS report for HOUSE ?

katrina178, Mar 18, 12:00am
has anybody had this down against EQC costing of scope of works ?

just had meeting with EQC estimator he says IF i DON`T agree with his final costing price then I would have to get own engineer report done.

I don`t mine that but would like to know has anybody here done this ?

what was the price range for such work ? how long did it take to get it done ?


david_270, Mar 18, 5:06am
Depending on what they do, and the size of the house, it might be $4K - $7K. Lots of variables.
In theory, and according to Herr Simpson, if a report causes EQC to change their view then they will refund the cost of the report.

grad111, Mar 18, 5:36am
yea most builders won't fight with eqc on reports.the best wat trying too get some done it too get a quantity surveyor inn with his builder and do a costing over the scope. a quantity surveyor report will cost you over $1500 t gst . but eqc will run you down on the quantity surveyor report and cost. and will pay a max of 1/3 of the amount that the quantity surveyor say. its a hard feild too try too sort out , i'm the same boat.and has gone no where after i got report done a year. lawer said it would ages too sort out. my home is not weather tied, even the toilet dosn't work at time.
yet eqc says they can't do nothing for they say their report is right ,costing is right too. i have tryed 10 builders too see if they could fix my house with the amount eqc say . they say that is a shortfall of about $60,000 in the eqc cost.
i am so over this after 41/2 years - yet we have too full payments home loan on buggered home , and high rent temp accom

drcjp, Mar 18, 5:59am
engineer report ranges from $2k to $5k depending on what you want. CAD drawings, floor levels, damage report, repair strategy etc.

good luck with getting an engineer before May

katrina178, Mar 19, 3:41am
thanks for the replies.

crazynana, Mar 19, 4:21am
There are engineers and engineers out there, so get someone who is recommended by someone who has dealt with him/her. We own a joinery business and the building is damaged. Just after the feb quake it was deemed uneconomical to repair, then miraculously it fixed itself and is now repairable. We have had 17 different engineers through and now they have had us empty the building in case the floor is not level, not one of the previous 16 having had any kind of level device with them. This last guy said they would check the concrete wall between us and the nextdoor building. My husband said "it is not a concrete wall" Guy says "I think I know a concrete wall when I see one". So my husband got the longest nail he had and hammered it straight into the "concrete" wall. All the engineer said was "well it looked like concrete". So just be aware there lots of dumba#$e engineers out there.

carpete, Mar 19, 4:28am
Why don't you ask for a peer review with your insurer and EQC, this should not cost you a cent.

doug77, Mar 19, 8:42am
RAS were very helpful for us. We also used Stroude for an engineering report.It took 3 mths to find an engineer to go up against eqr but these guys were honest and un biased
Between the 2 we changed eqc from pre existing to over cap.

doug77, Mar 19, 8:43am
meant to add around 4k for 400 sq/ m home

katrina178, Mar 22, 1:21am
insurance would n`t get involved UNLESS ova cap.

EQC are now saying cash pay out less than ova cap etc.

gillian25, Mar 22, 3:01am
Cost us $4500 each time. Had 3 done. EQC threw them out with no explanation. get a lawyer

articferrit, Mar 22, 4:18am
I went to a lawyer on Friday and now have to get an engineers report to re-check SOW, 4 month wait, depends on the lawyer and the engineer I think.

infosystems, Dec 27, 3:48pm
Check out Zoran From STRUCTURA. he is German trained structural engineer, based in Halswell, and has delivered a comprehensive report for us which we are using to tell EQC where to take a hike. generally helps to have a legal beagle on the team as well as they know how to deal with EQC

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