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pressomaz, May 31, 2:49am
Guys what is a decent place in or around town that has a reasonable lunch menu.

Have done all of Sumner so looking at something a little closer to home in and around the cbd or outlying regions.

honest-reliable, May 31, 2:55am
have you tried Bridgettes at Merivale

gaspodetwd, May 31, 3:34am
Beach cafe in waimairi beach. They're usually very busy for lunch so it pays to reserve a table.

ajn255, May 31, 3:53am
Black Betty is yum but very busy
Rose cafe in Papanui

pressomaz, May 31, 4:27am
Thanks guys the missus has reserved a table at The Castle rock cafe tomorrow so will see how that one goes.

Anybody else sees this though please keep posting your favorites we like to try a different one each Sunday.

jon9, May 31, 6:01am
Castle rock is amazing! I'd rate it the best kept secret and easily best cafe in Christchurch

pressomaz, May 31, 6:13am
do you recommend anything of their menu , i was thinking of trying the castle rock breakfast that was listed

jon9, May 31, 6:36am
I eat there about once a fortnight. Never had a bad meal, can recommend everything. Whatever you feel like tomorrow ????

lil_tarnz, May 31, 6:59am
black bettys, awesome food! :)

kids4ever, May 31, 7:08am
Downunder at Sydenham spotlight mall. Love their food and they make the best iced coffee's I have ever had

nzkea1, May 31, 7:25am
Downunder Sydenham -- Not a good look when the waitress walks out with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth.

thebuzzyone, Jun 1, 4:16am
The boatshed (at the Antigua boatsheds) has a decent lunch menu.
Cafe Seven in Upper Riccarton is not bad.
I too recommend Black Bettys.
There's a few Joe's Garage's around now too. The one in Cranford St is the one we sometimes go to.

craftylady1, Jun 1, 4:28am
"Little Sister" at the Islington Hotel is really nice. Went there for lunch today, plus have been there on several occasions and is always good. Have cabinet food as well as a menu. Prices are reasonable as well

pressomaz, Jun 1, 5:57am
Our visit to the Castle Rock cafe was certainly worth the trip , very friendly staff and fantastic food.
A place that is out of the way that I would not have know was there.

Will be trying some of your recommendations.

jon9, Jun 1, 6:53am
Glad you enjoyed it. It's a fantastic secret and on a sunny day it's beautiful and peaceful outside while enjoying the view of the hills. I'm guessing it was busy? Always pays to make a booking

pressomaz, Jun 1, 8:23am
yup was full to brim and glad we had booked.

kids4ever, Jun 1, 8:41am
what!, I have never seen that

jon9, Jun 1, 9:59am
Did you end up with the castle rock breakfast?

The staff there are lovely too and very down to earth. Some days they have even sat down and had a wee chat with us while deciding what to order :-)

pressomaz, Jun 1, 4:18pm
Yes had the castle rock breakfast and the missus had the corn fritters , presentation was great,
Loved how they made the kransky look like little squid lol. Next time we go I would ditch the hollandaise sauce in favor of the same salsa that came with the missus's corn fritters.

slimgym, Jun 2, 12:52am
family went about 3.00 mothers day, wasnt impressed sorry, someone else had recommended but lots of the food I could have done at home. Could not understand why the put the cream in a bowl with the carrot cake had already asked if I wanted cream so piped on the plate would have looked nicer and easier to handle

craftylady1, Jun 2, 7:32am
Had a really nice lunch at Little Sister yesterday. took my older sister and she was most impressed.
Oh well, as my dear old mam used to say. You can please some of the people some of the time, but you will never please all of the people all of the time

bluecalico, Jun 7, 10:26am
I had a great burger and chips there. and slices were cheap as chips and big pieces too. I thoroughly enjoyed it. and recommend it.

firob, Jun 7, 11:12am
Cnr of Tuam & High st, think called C1, not sure, fantastic food & coffee, retro atmosphere, really great.

tygertung, Jun 7, 10:26pm
Beat street Cafe on Barbados is really good. Good prices for a Palangi restarant too.

wahinetoa62, Jun 9, 3:06am
seven in upper riccarton is great - good service too

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