blou, Apr 29, 5:13am
Can anyone kindly recommend a talented landscaper reasonably priced just looking for concept ideas and planting schedule will do work ourselves to save $

noely3, Apr 29, 5:58am
Little Big Tree Company are awesome for giving good advice. Chris Goom (professional landscaper) is the owner.

jane310567, Apr 29, 5:58am
some garden centres offer this service for a discounted rate or free if you buy plants from them. We used but not cheap. Keep in mind that if you plant in the wrong places this is not cheap either!

brightlights60, Apr 29, 9:12am
Mrs B here. Gardened for 35 years ++ and just finished my Horticulture diploma (graduated) and done Landscaping. One of my bigger assessments was doing a plan for a friend, from concept/discussion with client to hand finished drawings. I also have a friend who was an aborist with city care for 30 years and just gone out on his own who is pretty talented. I have actually helped a lot of people with ideas/suggestions and then they have done the DIY.

brightlights60, Apr 29, 9:13am
Oh, and hubby and I were looking at rebuilding last year (but decided to stay put) and got lots of ideas of whats on trend and new plants available for landscaping from the new subdivisions and the landscaping around all the new homes! There is an ap you can download that has every plant in NZ.

ferrarigirl, Apr 29, 9:17am
We had a young guy named Luke, he was brilliant! I will hunt down the company he works for.

ferrarigirl, Apr 29, 9:24am

These guys. We did have to wait a while though (about 5 weeks) as Luke was booked solid

melcraig, May 2, 5:32am
Do you want a Landscape Gardner or a Landscape Contractor?

samanya, Dec 2, 9:48pm
Or a landscape designer/architect?
Big differences.

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