Has anyone's flat plan

suka, Jul 13, 2:03am
not the same as the original one held at the council, due to movement?

jonners2013, Jul 13, 5:13am
What do you mean 'movement'? As in the house isn't in the same spot it originally was?

suka, Jul 13, 6:28am
yes jonners2013

jonners2013, Jul 13, 7:00am
How has it moved? Was it lifted and moved to a new position?

Difficult to give any useful comment with such vague information.

tygertung, Jul 13, 8:50am
Perhaps the council building has moved and you will have to check at a different service centre.

butland, Jul 13, 7:23pm
LINZ is currently coming up with a plan of attack for this exact scenario.
Most of Eastern Chch will have had boundaries and fences shift and I know there are cases of apartments that have moved so much the ceiling of the lower apartment is now in the floor plan of the upper apartment.
Have you had LINZ out yet OP ?

patti7, Jul 13, 11:35pm
Come on jonners2013 - there was a very large earthquake remember? This is a fairly common problem and a fair question.

suka, Jul 15, 1:00am
Hmm, I called LINZ about it, they fobbed me off. Its in a too hard basket. The two properties have moved. The IC advised me of this as they want me to sign agreeing that they won't replace the house to the original flat plan. There must be other people in this situation.

jonners2013, Jul 15, 1:04am
I asked for clarification as to why and how it had moved. there was no detail given, it wasn't specified that it was earthquake movement. So rather than give answers without all the info, I sought clarification. They didn't give that clarification, so they're free to take on board the comments from others that were based on virtually no info.

pezarointeriors, Jul 15, 1:17am
Hi Suka. We are in this position and the insurance company really, really didn't want to admit it. We have moved and it means we are closer to an edge. They cannot repair to the condition it was in when new and they know it.

suka, Jul 15, 1:29am
. Have the ICs given you something to sign along the lines we will repair your property but not back to where it was?

pezarointeriors, Jul 15, 1:48am
Nope. I reckon they would like to but my claim is in the High Court. The position of the house is really important too. Basically it will end up one of the reasons we would be a rebuild.

suka, Jul 15, 5:20am
Good luck with your court case heartofthehome. It is disgusting that it has come to this for people.

butland, Jul 15, 7:43am
I know LINZ is currently investigating and coming up with a plan of attack to report back to the government - they have been given a year to figure it out so maybe they haven't been given permission to go ahead with any advice.

butland, Jul 15, 7:44am
And yes there will be loads of people in this position ! They just won't know it yet

suka, Jul 16, 12:50am
Has anyone's IC company sent them a document to sign stating-
* I understand that the shape and location of any structures on the Property will correspond to what is currently existing for the Property which may differ from the Flat plan and certificate of Title.

pezarointeriors, Dec 26, 3:31pm
Thanks Suka.

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