Any flooding in Christchurch?

brightlights60, Jun 19, 5:43pm
due to that rain overnight? Any schools closed.

jonners2013, Jun 19, 8:03pm
just said on the radio that Oxford school is closed but none in chch by the sounds of it

lambrat, Jun 19, 8:34pm
it might be very wet out there, but is there actually any flooding anywhere? my rain gauge says possibly not. theres plenty of wetness but not actually heavy falls of it (here)

jonners2013, Jun 19, 9:22pm
problem is that we don't need heavy rain to cause flooding in many parts of Chch

jessebird, Jun 20, 10:53am
Why doesn,t City Care get on with it, how many more Winters do we have to put up with it.

aj.2., Jun 20, 11:04am
Land levels have slumped, because of the Earth Quake, every cube meter of silt that washed up out of the ground meant that the ground slumped by the same amount.
Water level in the ocean, is the same, so the pressure of the sea pushing back inland, forces the water back .
Has done for all time , this is why we have water wells that flow, at high tides but not at low tide.
Note the rivers flowing out to sea, have also slumped due to the silt troubles, and so that's why when it rains, it no longer drains out to sea, but banks back, ( flooding) then happens.
Will always happen from now on.
Only way to fix things is to built more stop gates in the rivers, as in the avon,
Then set up big pumping stations to pump water over and out to sea, but that will find its way back inland, thru the sands and silts, etc,
And so on it goes, around and around.
Also the cost of setting up flood gates and pumping stations, Who wants to pay for all that.

xmakara, Jun 20, 1:23pm
Yep. Which is why one of the options was to buy the properties most at risk of flooding, like those in Flockton.

However. If we transform the red zone into massive native wetlands, then it would act like a sponge, soaking up all the water. And preventing more flooding.

jamie2016, Apr 26, 2:19pm
oh thats wishful thinking but then again dreams are still free at the moment as it's only a matter of time until someone finds away of charging an outragous amount of money for the human race to have any form of dreams plus everyone in govt is so. hell bent on ripping off the little old lady and it is sad that is the only reason why the public must suffer to no end.

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