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lil_tarnz, Sep 2, 5:05am
Frenzy begins tomorrow!

samanya, Sep 2, 5:55am
OK . more info?

lil_tarnz, Sep 2, 6:13am
lewis road choc milk hits chch stores tomorrow

as well as their new coffee milk and heilala vanilla milk :)

samanya, Sep 2, 6:58am
Oh, it's their butter I just love.

zoopa, Sep 2, 9:24am
Organic cream for me

supersapper, Sep 2, 9:58am
I went to buy some in Wellington a week or so ago - $5 for a small bottle! I didn't think it was worth it but had a mouthful of some my sister bought and I couldn't figure out what the fuss is all about, very creamy chocolate milk but nothing outstanding about it.

bosch2006, Sep 2, 10:40am
Its bad for you. more fat and saugar than all other flv milk

addington261, Sep 2, 10:49pm
Mmmmm love Lewis Road butter.

wasgonna, Sep 2, 10:56pm
Get a life.

shaun16, Sep 2, 10:57pm
It's really good. Better than I expected. Yes it's expensive and unhealthy but so are lots of things in life

ttaotua1, Sep 2, 10:59pm
Waiting outside new world stanmor road and it hasn't come in and i checked edge ware super value and the same.

steve198, Sep 2, 11:11pm
Just relax & buy some when you come across it. It's only milk & not worth waiting outside a store all day for it.

ttaotua1, Sep 2, 11:26pm
True and I'm off home, just passed a car crash up near traffic lights towards super value who's driven into someone fence

pattym1, Sep 3, 12:15am
were from? Countdown have it for around $4

jon9, Sep 3, 3:11am
Retail is $3.69 for 300ml and $6.49 for 750ml

I hope supermarkets aren't inflating the prices.

cassina1, Sep 3, 3:15am
If thats the case I will be sticking with Wave Iced Coffee at about $3.50 for 600mil from supermarkets.

shaun16, Sep 3, 3:31am
that's what it is at the local new world.

ttaotua1, Sep 3, 3:39am
Omg bought two from super value edgeware for $4.69 I think and it was ok

dannyboy24, Sep 3, 6:49pm
iphone user?

cjh1, Sep 3, 11:10pm
And today the delivery never turned up in Ilam :( lol another lewis road boo boo

crazy56, Sep 4, 3:23am
according to the stockist they havnt got it at ilam yet its only at selected supermarkets atm

xmakara, Sep 4, 4:34am
Anyone know where they have them?

melonhead1, Sep 4, 4:51am
Have a crack at a DIY version. Why not?

mm12345, Sep 4, 5:14am
Yep. I wonder if the first step - measuring and mixing 8 1/2 teaspoons of pure white sugar into each small glass of milk might wake some parents up to what they're actually doing when they buy garbage like that.

I bet they'd have forty fits if someone stirred 8 1/2 spoons into their latte, but hey - this is supposedly premium quality food for kids - so it must be okay.

lil_tarnz, Sep 4, 11:42am
it's on the lewis road website for their stockists, its in fresh choice and super value and SOME new worlds

goodluck finding it with such limited bottles being delivered!

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