Lewis Road

Frenzy begins tomorrow!

lil_tarnz, Sep 2, 5:05 pm

OK . more info?

samanya, Sep 2, 5:55 pm

lewis road choc milk hits chch stores tomorrow

as well as their new coffee milk and heilala vanilla milk :)

lil_tarnz, Sep 2, 6:13 pm

Oh, it's their butter I just love.

samanya, Sep 2, 6:58 pm

Organic cream for me

zoopa, Sep 2, 9:24 pm

I went to buy some in Wellington a week or so ago - $5 for a small bottle! I didn't think it was worth it but had a mouthful of some my sister bought and I couldn't figure out what the fuss is all about, very creamy chocolate milk but nothing outstanding about it.

supersapper, Sep 2, 9:58 pm

Its bad for you. more fat and saugar than all other flv milk

bosch2006, Sep 2, 10:40 pm

Mmmmm love Lewis Road butter.

addington261, Sep 3, 10:49 am

Get a life.

wasgonna, Sep 3, 10:56 am

It's really good. Better than I expected. Yes it's expensive and unhealthy but so are lots of things in life

shaun16, Sep 3, 10:57 am

Waiting outside new world stanmor road and it hasn't come in and i checked edge ware super value and the same.

ttaotua1, Sep 3, 10:59 am

Just relax & buy some when you come across it. It's only milk & not worth waiting outside a store all day for it.

steve198, Sep 3, 11:11 am

True and I'm off home, just passed a car crash up near traffic lights towards super value who's driven into someone fence

ttaotua1, Sep 3, 11:26 am

were from? Countdown have it for around $4

pattym1, Sep 3, 12:15 pm

Retail is $3.69 for 300ml and $6.49 for 750ml

I hope supermarkets aren't inflating the prices.

jon9, Sep 3, 3:11 pm

If thats the case I will be sticking with Wave Iced Coffee at about $3.50 for 600mil from supermarkets.

cassina1, Sep 3, 3:15 pm

that's what it is at the local new world.

shaun16, Sep 3, 3:31 pm

Omg bought two from super value edgeware for $4.69 I think and it was ok

ttaotua1, Sep 3, 3:39 pm

iphone user?

dannyboy24, Sep 4, 6:49 am

And today the delivery never turned up in Ilam :( lol another lewis road boo boo

cjh1, Sep 4, 11:10 am

according to the stockist they havnt got it at ilam yet its only at selected supermarkets atm

crazy56, Sep 4, 3:23 pm

Anyone know where they have them?

xmakara, Sep 4, 4:34 pm

Have a crack at a DIY version. Why not?

melonhead1, Sep 4, 4:51 pm

Yep. I wonder if the first step - measuring and mixing 8 1/2 teaspoons of pure white sugar into each small glass of milk might wake some parents up to what they're actually doing when they buy garbage like that.

I bet they'd have forty fits if someone stirred 8 1/2 spoons into their latte, but hey - this is supposedly premium quality food for kids - so it must be okay.

mm12345, Sep 4, 5:14 pm

it's on the lewis road website for their stockists, its in fresh choice and super value and SOME new worlds

goodluck finding it with such limited bottles being delivered!

lil_tarnz, Sep 4, 11:42 pm

Worth it, so yummy

binz10, Sep 5, 11:06 am

They definitely do. Had it on wed and bought some today. The stockist didn't turn up like they were meant to yesterday apparently

cjh1, Sep 5, 12:01 pm

I was just at Eastgate Countdown and saw the Milk person putting these out. So I decided to buy a bottle to try. After tasting it, I don't see what all the fuss is about to be honest.

540trickzter, Sep 6, 11:25 am

I'm interested in trying it. Chocolate milks don't taste like chocolate these days. Just creamy sweet ick. In fact most chocolate doesn't taste like chocolate these days.

fimeister, Sep 8, 9:05 pm

Ha, I am so relieved to hear someone else say that (about most chocolate not tasting like chocolate these days). I don't know why anyone would want to eat a chocolate cake that doesn't taste like chocolate, but that seems to be all that's offered these days in cafes and restaurants - what's up with that? They look fabulous, and then they taste like. sweet nothing. Ick for sure. I'm over being fooled lol

dreamingofbali, Sep 9, 10:30 pm

Its true its bad for you

bosch2006, Sep 10, 3:53 pm

Thanks for the warning. I think the easiest thing for me is not to try it in case I like it - then I won't know what I'm missing.

calista, Sep 10, 4:27 pm

Believe me - if you condition yourself by reducing your overall maximum total daily sugar intake to the new World Health Organisation guidelines, you won't enjoy Lewis Road chocolate milk or anything like that any more - you'll lose your taste for sweet after a while, and it tastes sickeningly vile.
IMO drink like that should never be given to kids - not ever, not even as a "treat".

mm12345, Sep 10, 4:50 pm

WTF are people thinking? ! This is just a shit-load of well-flavoured sugar. I make excellent chocolate milk, using plenty of cocoa and minimal sugar.Shake with ice-cold milk and strain. Knocks Lewis Rd out of the park.

schnauzer11, Sep 10, 6:11 pm

tasted the coffee today, it was extremely bitter, not my thing :/

lil_tarnz, Sep 11, 10:01 pm

BREAST MILK they sell bloody breast milk, ,pak n save has it . .I would have taken a pic if I had my phone with me . .

cranken28, Sep 12, 10:01 am

cranken28, Sep 12, 10:04 am

Calling it that is udderly deceptive.

mm12345, Sep 12, 12:15 pm

We've had it in Aucks for a while now and the chocolate milk is very nice, but incredibly rich and sweet.
Not something my diabetic nurse would recommend!

muffin2, Sep 12, 12:35 pm

yuck. i wont be bothering with it.

lefty1234, Sep 12, 1:58 pm

I think its called the "pleasure trap". and trap defines it nicely. Interestingly if you follow the WHO recommendations for protein consumption, you will find that the average Western diet is overloading on this nutrient by a factor of 3 on average. Gotta keep selling those dead animal parts and bovine lactation products though, so don't tell anyone will you? .

oskybosky, Sep 12, 2:06 pm

Best chocolate milk in the Universe.

fruitbat, Sep 12, 2:08 pm

From what I've read, that's not true. Even the average US diet, protein consumption is only approx double the RDA. That RDA is based on the minimum amount needed to avoid deficiency - so it isn't actually that high. However the source of that protein may be of more concern. Though there's growing evidence that saturated fat (whether of vegetable or animal origin) may not be as bad as had been claimed for the past 1/2 century, there's no such doubt about trans fats (the nasty ones once used at high levels in margarine). Milk fat and (most) animal fat contain approx 4-8% trans fats. With recommended maximum trans fats stated as % of total calorific intake, you'd need to drink an awful lot of (whole) milk to exceed guidelines, 1.5-3 litres a day (much more if it was reduced or low fat milk). Based on that, I wouldn't be too worried about fats/trans fats in this "Lewis Road" milk, nor milk consumption or butter or cheese etc in general - if you keeps things in moderation. Eating lots of cheap fatty meat, and/or lots of grilled/fried/BBQd meats though is perhaps not a good idea.

The quantity of sugar in that stuff is a very different story. It's not "in moderation" in any way - basically your total daily recommended maximum intake in just one small 300ml bottle.

mm12345, Sep 12, 3:34 pm

I'm not that impressed with it - I make nicer at home!

jane310567, Sep 12, 4:10 pm

mm12345 wrote:
From what I've read, that's not true. Even the average US diet, protein consumption is only approx double the RDA.

Suggested protein intakes for men 56 grams and women 44 grams per day.

This is how a typical Western (American) diet looks:

Breakfast - 3 eggs (25 grams) 2 slices bacon (12 grams) 1 cup hash browns (2 grams) 1 cup orange juice (1.4 grams)
Lunch - Grilled Chicken Salad (86 grams) Chocolate Cheesecake (17 grams)
Dinner - 170g steak (42 grams) medium baked potato with 28grams sour cream and 1 tablespoon butter (7.3 grams) 1 cup broccolli (6 grams) 1 glass bluetop milk (8 grams)
Dessert - 2 scoops ice-cream (10 grams)

Total 216.7 grams protein

Over 4 times that recommended by WHO. Incidentally WHO state that people consuming more that twice the RDA are likely to be causing harm and this should be avoided.

oskybosky, Sep 14, 9:25 pm

you bet ya!

glasshalfull, Sep 14, 9:36 pm

Doesn't protein that can't be used simply pass through the body? This is why bodybuilders etc have more smaller, high protein meals through the day, instead of three as they know the body can't store protein.

jcmp21, Sep 15, 7:03 am

There is a problem with too much protein, specifically if it is animal protein. Protein is essential for bone health, but excessive protein can be detrimental to bone health, and kidney function. Calculations have been made to determine a food's potential renal acid load PRAL. The calculation is based upon the values for the five nutrients (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and protein) in foods that are the most determinant of whether an acid or alkaline state is promoted. The PRAL value are represented in a positive range (acid forming) and a negative range (alkaline forming).

Protein from animal sources is acidic, and from most vegetable sources is alkaline. Our blood has PH between 7.35 and 7.45, slightly alkaline, and our bodies job is to keep it that way. Go below this range and we die of acidosis, above this range we die of alkalosis. The problem is that too much animal protein in our bodies results in the body releasing calcium from our bones to neutralise the acid load. Ironically this is why the countries of the world that eat the most meat/dairy products (despite dairy being high in calcium) also suffer from the worst osteoporosis.
When we provide adequate alkalinizing foods the body is better able to neutralize acidity without placing greater demands on the bones

Common Animal protein sources:
Bacon PRAL = 25
Lean Beef PRAL = 7.8
Chicken PRAL = 8.7
Ham PRAL = 10.45
Tuna blue fin PRAL = 18.14
Cheddar cheese PRAL = 18.98
Egg Yolk PRAL = 23.4

Common Vegetable Protein sources:
Chickpeas PRAL = 2.6
Tofu PRAL = -0.6
Green beans PRAL = -3.1
Lima Beans PRAL = -4.07
Quinoa PRAL = -0.19
Lentils PRAL = 3.5
Peas PRAL = 1.2

oskybosky, Sep 15, 8:36 pm

The WHO has formally recognized this relationship, stating "the accumulated data indicate that the adverse effect of protein, in particular animal (but not vegetable) protein, might outweigh the positive effect of calcium intake on calcium balance".

oskybosky, Sep 15, 8:40 pm

melt a block of whitakers chocolate in a bottle of cream then add equal amount (equal to how much cream you used) and you have a home made version.

coolnzmum, May 8, 2:24 am

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