Best dog groomer?

where do you go?

been going to the same one for years but lately pooch has been coming back with nicks and cuts so looking to try somewhere new

suggestions please! :)

lil_tarnz, Sep 10, 9:10 pm

Emma case in Highsted rd and sawyers arms rd dog show case dog groomer of the year 3 times

stickman4u, Sep 10, 9:25 pm

Funky Mutz, found them on facebook, she comes to you

granny98, Sep 10, 9:38 pm

Second Funky Mutz Lisa is awesome and she comes to you, good fast job:)

abbied, Sep 10, 9:41 pm

I still laugh when we took our Pomchi to the one in Westminister st.I asked for a trim as his fur was too long.When i picked him up he looked like a short haired Chihuahua.All his beautiful red fur was gone.I was speechless but it grew back eventually,so probably cant recommend them lol.

kletis1, Sep 11, 6:01 am

ozalina, Sep 11, 3:55 pm

We go to the one situated at the Shirley Vet Clinic. Always good.

klc1, Sep 11, 5:23 pm

Yup Funky Muttz are awesome, they come to you, are not expensive and do a lovely job.

kazz71, Sep 12, 10:16 am

Funky Muttz,Lisa is great with both our wee dogs.Highly recommended.

bal50, Sep 12, 7:16 pm

My two mini schnauzers enjoy going to Savoir. Nice owner, always a good cut and friendly service.

alfisti2, Sep 12, 9:03 pm

there is a good mobile lady advertising on here she is really good .Mobile Dog Grooming & Nail Clipping

pepper-nala, Sep 12, 9:54 pm

we went to savior with our dog and she shaved him that short didn't know which dog was ours never go back

pepper-nala, Sep 13, 5:14 pm

I like Best Buddies. in Bishopdale. Karen is awesome with the dogs.

bluecalico, May 17, 2:11 am

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