Kindling chch

barbs77, Jul 4, 10:38pm
Who sells the best kindling? Bought so e from service station but was not that good

chatsmom, Jul 5, 2:00am
I find the Countdowm box good with very dry pieces. New World bag pieces are bigger but dry. Others have changed recently and not so good any longer.

richynuts, Jul 5, 2:37am
I just cut up a cabbage tree this morning I have alot of leaves here that make good kindling

wanderer52, Jul 5, 9:05am
We dry prunings for the next year in banana boxes.

amuso, Jul 5, 9:31am
Our local Four Square shop has great kindling.

tygertung, Jul 5, 9:47am
I find that if you use a firelighter and your wood is nice and dry you don't really need any kindling. Just put small pieces of wood in first.

zoopa, Jul 5, 10:47am
Use a cotton ball swiped in some vaseline for a firestarter. Works a treat

planespotterhvn, Jul 5, 9:38pm
City Firewood sell kindling but if you buy firewood from them it is full of kindling in the bottom of the trailer. Did you see the Young high school girl who invented the safety kindling chopper?

tygertung, Jul 5, 10:49pm
Those crackers look pretty good to me. Just the price of a few bags of kindling.

unclewainwright, Jul 6, 2:48am
Cut your own.

bosch2006, Jul 7, 3:52am
Ill cut you some for $10 a box

kacy5, Jul 7, 11:44pm
Find someone with a dead gorse hedge and the bits make fabulous long burning kindling. I have just been out and gathered a large bucket full.

buzzy86, Jul 7, 11:47pm
Every day my mailbox is full of it.

paix1, Jul 8, 5:45am
. wow! Never heard that one - must try it (& yes, I too bundle cabbage tree leaves that fall off the tree - they burn so well)

zoopa, Jul 8, 5:51am
It works great. Don??

kacy5, Feb 9, 2:39pm
Cotton wool is very flammable and I have used it but never thought of Vaseline on it, good idea.

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