Clothes shopping for elderly woman.

addington261, Jun 30, 4:09am
Can anyone suggest a clothes shop suitable for my elderly mother especially one that has smaller sizes. Everywhere I have taken her has large and larger sizes . She is only here for another day and I can't think of anywhere. Done Ezibuy, Postie Plus etc need somewhere a bit more upmarket without a huge price tag.

jules555, Jun 30, 4:23am
caroline eve

murrayt, Jun 30, 4:31am
How old is 'elderly'?

fait.accompli, Jun 30, 4:36am
Diva on Riccarton Road

addington261, Jun 30, 4:38am
Elderly in this case is 90 but a young 90 who has just got motivated to shop as her eyesight has just been restored.

craftylady1, Jun 30, 4:44am
Is Elizabeth Fashions still in Hornby?

articferrit, Jun 30, 4:51am
Tots Toggery in Opawa, Ignore the name, realy helpful and Im sure your mother would like their clothes.

addington261, Jun 30, 4:51am
Thanks a lot .

coro2, Jun 30, 4:52am
Also Classic Clothing. Tower Junction and at The Colombo.

-weasel-, Jun 30, 5:09am

kacy5, Jun 30, 6:10am
How wonderful, I don't blame her for wanting to shop and see what she has missed out on. I hope she gets a good few years enjoying life. Take her for a flash lunch or morning/afternoon tea somewhere too. I wouldn't know where to buy clothes to suit her size but a tiny elderly friend of mine had trouble finding clothes to fit all her long life and resorted to children's sizes at times.

tygertung, Jun 30, 7:04am
All sizes are extremely large these days, I suppose it is from all the 'low fat healthy food' has made everyone overweight!

I am normal size right smack bang in the middle of the BMI chart, not weedy or anything, just not fat and I am always getting the smallest size in the shop! I don't know what you'd do if you were skinny or something, perhaps just wear loose clothes?! I am a 30 year old male BTW.

Sorry a bit off topic I know.

My grandmother is very small, about 94. I know she likes shopping at Ballantyne's, perhaps you could try there? Maybe ring first and ask if they have that sort of stuff. It's a bit of a nightmare driving into town at the moment.

brightlights60, Jun 30, 7:54am
Takes me back. Mrs B here. My Mum was a sprightly 82 and we had fun at Millers, Classic Clothing, Caroline Eve even the Warehouse. You can do all of those at Northlands and Papanui if you want one stop. I agree do the lunch thing too. used to do it with Mum. Loved getting her settled into cubicle then bringing clothes in, helping her try on and have her come out for opinions.

addington261, Jun 30, 9:00am
Lots of ideas here thanks a lot. Will let you know how we get on.

fluffy_pink_pig, Jun 30, 9:48am
My gran liked max

tarn146, Jun 30, 8:10pm
Try Merric at Northlands.

blb71, Jun 30, 8:25pm
Ballantynes. My 90 year old Nana still gets some of her clothes from there. To add. the service is great and they have two tea rooms there as well.

zoopa, Jul 1, 12:17am
If she feels like going a bit flasher, there are lots of shops in Merivale Mall that cater for older ladies. Or rather, not what's 'in fashion' Unless she feels like busting out the skinnies ;-) There is also one in Avonhead mall, but I can't recall it's name

zoopa, Jul 1, 12:17am
Yea, and Ballantynes

kacy5, Jul 2, 5:00am
Did she have a good spendup? I hope the weather was kind to her.

addington261, Mar 5, 2:14pm
She had a wonderful time . didn't buy a lot but loved looking. We went to Ballantynes, Merivale Mall , Millers and Merric at Riccarton. She is having her other eye done soon hopefully so we will do it all again then. When I left her in Timaru she was writing a list of everything wrong with her house now her eyesight has been improved from a blurry haze to very good.Thanks for all your suggestions.

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