Private Boarding for school students

thislte, Nov 5, 12:24am
Hi there, does anyone know of an agency or similar in Christchurch that organises private weekly boarding for high school students (non international). Cheers

kids4ever, Nov 5, 2:23am
hi there, curiosity, why would you need board for students when you live in Rangiora, there are buses and school buses ? that would be my option for my students , though mine are grown up now, home is better than boarding, not getting at you, just asking

thislte, Nov 5, 3:20am
Hi, I don't live in Rangiora, its just the closet town I could pick for TM, there is no bus form where I live, cheers.

survivalkiwi, Nov 5, 3:32am
May I ask why you dont send them to a school with boarding facilities?

thislte, Nov 5, 3:49am
The boarding house is full.

survivalkiwi, Nov 5, 4:00am
Thats unusual for the south island. We have our child at boarding school and were told that most south island ones have space but the north island ones have waiting lists.

thislte, Nov 5, 4:36am
Acland house is chocka unfortunately

ryelands1, Nov 5, 9:55am
What school will your child be going to?

thislte, Nov 5, 7:09pm
Christchurch Girls High

catfan, Nov 6, 1:07am
Apologies if you've already done this but have you tried asking CGHS if they can give you a contact. If they have accepted your girls into the school it's in their interest to help you with this also.

waleedwahsh, Nov 6, 4:53am
Ask for an ad to be put in the school newsletter or on their website - there may well be a family with a daughter there who is willing to take on a private boarder.

thislte, Nov 6, 6:52am
Thanks chchers

brightlights60, Nov 7, 3:40pm
This. We have done homestays in the past, mostly overseas either students or teachers or short term holiday stay, but once boarded a student from a local high school. Most high schools have someone who organises and vets people who want to host or board a student. You could advertise for yourself, but you would have to be careful.

ali291, Nov 7, 9:18pm
Can you go on a waiting list for the hostel?

thislte, Oct 26, 3:20pm
Yes we are on the hostel waiting list, cheers

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