Energy Efficient Bulbs.

jon9, Jun 8, 11:19pm

Have about 24 x R50 bulbs in our living area at home, am wanting to change to Energy saving bulbs but Mitre10 didn't have any. Supermarkets don't normally carry the R50 size.

Where around town has a good selection of energy saving bulbs for home usage?


oskybosky, Jun 8, 11:28pm
Hi Jon, have you considered changing the actual light not just the bulb? We just had one down light which wasn't working replaced with a halcyon R755 non-dimmable led light. There are several advantages, the light is awesome, there is no air gap around like the old down light, meaning that the pink batts in the roof can go right over the light with no fire risk, you can run 30 of these for the same price as a single down light, they are cold to touch too, and will run for 15 years. We are going to get all of ours replaced, $49.68+GST per unit.

woodhouse_elect, Jun 10, 8:12am
That is a great price for the halcyon R755 - where from?

aphra1, Jun 10, 8:42am
The fact that you have 24 bulbs in your living area and you're looking at energy saving bulbs doesn't strike you as ironic?

ilottl, Jun 10, 10:20am
Agree, went through the saver bulbs but had over 40 chimney pots into the ceiling, changed to LED lights, cost around $1k throughout the house but now, LED much brighter and reckon I was saving around $70 a month in lighting and god know how much in heat savings.

lucky.gadgets, Jun 10, 11:40am
Have you looked at the Philips LED light range? They may have something that will fit as the lower powered ones are smaller. The Warehouse and Paknsave, etc have them. Worth a shot.

cantabman1, Jun 10, 7:25pm
I have changed most of the lighting to L.E.D purchased from Ali Barber and suggest anyone who wants these power savers to do the same.
They are only about $4 each landed.Don't let anyone say that the quality isn't good because they are.
Spoke to a friend the other day who imports commercial L.E.D.lamps and had changed half his shop over to Fluro LE.D, His power bill by $100 per month.

jon9, Jun 10, 8:09pm
Open plan, 2 lounges, Kitchen and dining room. Its not that much in all reality. 20 of them are 40w bulbs and 4 x 60w in the kitchen

fordy1110, Jun 10, 9:41pm
hammer hard wear, bunnings?

cloffie, Jun 10, 11:35pm
have turfed the energy bulbs after the 3rd one exploded and shattered
We are told to dispose of them carefully as they contain hazardous material--not possible when the damned things explode.
I am replacing all lighting with LED room by room as money allows

tygertung, Jun 11, 5:13am
I have been buying the halogen ones to replace the normal filiment type.

oskybosky, Jun 15, 4:06pm
Jace Electrical.

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