Activities For The Elderly

fineo, May 29, 11:19pm
Is there any one in Christchurch doing Diversional Therapy,or Activies with the Elderly who would like Folders of ideas and games ,and books from a retired Diversional Therapist.
There is quite a collection and it seems a shame just to throw it all away.

jonners2013, May 29, 11:52pm
Very nice thought. I am sure there must be people out there who could make good use of your info. Good on you.

jules555, May 30, 1:40am
Take them into to Parklands hospital they are sadly lacking there

kacy5, May 31, 12:08pm
Aged Concern people may know where they could be used so try ringing them.

slimgym, Jul 26, 3:43pm
there is a place in hornby that they take the elderly people there to do
act ivies during the day

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