A Seismic Slight of hand or Fraud?

2meltonpark, Aug 15, 12:01am

mm12345, Aug 15, 12:53am
I'm going to be devil's advocate here, and suggest that Sarah Miles, while making some very valid points about the disgusting way EQC/EQR and in some cases insurers have dealt with claims and repair methodology, she need to pull her head firmly in with what she's saying. Her exaggerations open her to accusation of such mis-speak that everything she says will be ignored.

Small cracks in concrete can be repaired using epoxy injection, to an acceptable and very high standard. Low mobility grout can be used to effectively restore load-bearing capacity to soils. Some packing under piles is perfectly acceptable and normal, at the time piles/wooden floors were the common system for foundations - there would hardly be a house existing that didn't have some packing under bearers. Of course the repair work has to be done appropriately and properly - and obviously that often didn't happen under EQR.

The way she talks will cause people who have already had repairs done to acceptable standards unnecessary worry and grief, let alone those still waiting for repairs.

The way she presents things suggests the completely unreasonable, that some strict interpretation of "as (good as) new" should be applied to the extent that where not reasonably practical to restore something to exactly the way it was, then they're obliged to give you a new house. If that was the case, then as practically every house in Chch suffered some damage, they should flatten every house in Chch and build everybody a new house.

No - it's not good enough IMO if EQC cut holes in timber floorboards to access the sub-floor, then bung up the hole they cut with a piece of cheap MDF. It's not good enough that EQC/EQR used consent exemption to bypass engineering investigation when there were obvious structural issues. It's not good enough that MBIE guidelines were revised "to make repair less onerous" to insurers (including EQC). It's not acceptable that so much work was done to poor standards.

It's disgusting that Gerry Brownlee is now "out to get" the LBP builders who failed to meet code on possibly 90% of EQR foundation repairs, when those builders were vetted by EQR, approved by EQR, appointed by EQR, supervised by EQR, did work that was assessed by EQR/EQC, to a scope of works written by EQC/EQR, and finally inspected and signed-off by EQR. Yes - there sure were some shonky b@stards out there - but it was organisations acting under the authority of Gerry Brownlee who put them there.

barneymiller, Aug 15, 3:25am
I think by informing the public of the wrong doings going on will not cause them any worry or grief, she is just making people aware of whats going on.
It is the actions of the Insurance company's EQC and the National Government that are causing all the grief.

mm12345, Aug 15, 4:48am
No - I think she goes too far - by implying that methods which can be 100% satisfactory if they're done right are inherently flawed.
The issue at the moment is that Gerry is claiming that the entire fault for substandard work rests on the builders who carried out the work under the direction of Fletcher EQR. Many of the builders either didn't have the balls to stand up to EQR (for fear/threat of losing work) or didn't understand that substandard work was inevitably going to come back to bite them in the arse, as it was pretty obvious from the gutter mentality of Gerry Brownlee and many of his staff at EQC/EQR, that they had no obligation to do the right thing, and that as what they were doing was governed by Act of Parliament, homeowners had virtually no access to justice. Untouchables. Some mug builders thought they fell under their umbrella - wrong.

There will be a lot of LBP builders in Chch feeling very uncomfortable about things right now.

Gerry should take responsibility for the shambles he created and resign. The timing of this is a pain. He'll probably hang on, then fall on his sword and retire before the next election. To rub more cr@p in people's faces and sweeten the deal, they'll probably hand him a knighthood for "services to the people of Christchurch" - when from where I sit, he's spent much of the past 4 1/2 years kicking people who were already down. A nasty piece of work, a bully, and massively incompetent.

cranken28, Aug 19, 10:59pm
a Hell of a Lot of Fraud in Ch-Ch EQ repairs . . . and Insurance payments . Like Driveways . . .It wasn't cracked before the EQ's . .Yeah right TUI.

mm12345, Aug 3, 2:14pm
Trolls have been posting stuff like that for years now.
There have been few prosecutions for false claims.
But there are many thousands who have been affected by systemic fraud from EQC/EQR and insurers.

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