Ombudsman for your home repairs

honest-reliable, Sep 24, 4:37am
Has anyone heard back or got a response from the Ombudsman with their repairs to their home? I have just chased them up as I have not heard anything yet. Good or bad/sad stories welcome

david_270, Sep 24, 6:38am
Presume that you are talking about the Insurance Ombudsman.
The key seems to be in how you present and make your case.
Were RAS any help?

sledrunner, Sep 24, 11:12am
Complaints regarding EQC have to direct to the Office of the Ombudsman, the Insurance Ombudsman has no jurisdiction over EQC.

granny98, Sep 24, 1:38pm
Have you tired your local m p, I believe they can be very helpful.

granny98, Sep 25, 2:30am
I totally disagree, Ruth Dyson does help people, & it gets things done from my own personal experience

honest-reliable, Mar 27, 2:42pm
yes its still sitting there, they tell me there is a lot of cases there. hahaha no surprises.

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