Ombudsman for your home repairs

Has anyone heard back or got a response from the Ombudsman with their repairs to their home? I have just chased them up as I have not heard anything yet. Good or bad/sad stories welcome

honest-reliable, Sep 24, 4:37 pm

Presume that you are talking about the Insurance Ombudsman.
The key seems to be in how you present and make your case.
Were RAS any help?

david_270, Sep 24, 6:38 pm

Complaints regarding EQC have to direct to the Office of the Ombudsman, the Insurance Ombudsman has no jurisdiction over EQC.

sledrunner, Sep 24, 11:12 pm

Have you tired your local m p, I believe they can be very helpful.

granny98, Sep 25, 1:38 am

I totally disagree, Ruth Dyson does help people, & it gets things done from my own personal experience

granny98, Sep 25, 2:30 pm

yes its still sitting there, they tell me there is a lot of cases there. hahaha no surprises.

honest-reliable, Mar 28, 3:42 am

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