Woken up by smoke detector

blb71, Jun 7, 12:13pm
About 30 minutes ago. I had left it on as hubby was due home from work. Went into the lounge, pellet fire was going but fan that blows the hot air out, had stopped working. Unit was overheating. House smelt of burning metal smell. So glad of smoke detector.

blb71, Jun 7, 12:16pm
Bummed out that unit is broken and we are due for a house demo in October. No point in getting it fixed. It was a good pellet fire that heated up the house better than any heater will.

golfaholic2, Jun 7, 8:41pm
4 months of cold for a simple fan ? get it fixed .

I heard of a house fire on Saturday night where a smoke detector didn't go off until the room it was in was well ablaze .
This encouraged the neighbour to go buy new smoke detectors , only to discover he'd bought ones identical to the one that semi-failed .

Testing the detectors with smoke , one of the pair he bought ($117 for a pair , small ones that are all the rage and last 10yrs on a single battery) the detector failed to activate

Research showed them as one of the top models , with the best detector rated to go off 69% of the time .

That figure I found worrisome . surely they'd be far more reliable ?

NZ Fire service is now looking into the model of detector .

blb71, Jun 7, 9:30pm
It was our old one that went off that was in the hallway. That one that was in the hallway, always has been sensitive. The new smoke detector that was in the same room as the fire place, didn't even squeak.

lee289, Jun 7, 9:39pm
Wow that's not good what brand is the detector that didn't work. Can anyone recommend the most reliable smoke detectors please. Glad you had a safe outcome blb71.

laspaz, Jun 7, 9:42pm
We have those new tiny 10 year battery ones. They even go off from flyspray and steam. Not ideal, but better safe than sorry I guess.

blb71, Jun 8, 12:27am
I'm looking at the one that didn't go off and reading the word QUELL on it. The one that woke me up ELLO

golfaholic2, Jun 8, 3:47am
It was those tiny ones I was talking about above . seems its a raffle if you get one that works properly or not .

ryanm2, Jun 8, 3:49am
Sounds like the Cavius ones, we use them all the time for installs and never had an issue. They are in mine, my brothers, my mums house etc - they go off from shower steam (i found this out as i placed it too close to bathroom eventhough the unit is down a hallway). If someone has paid $117 for a pair though, thats robbery.

golfaholic2, Jun 8, 4:05am
I didn't ask the brand , but have just spoke to my mate .

He bought two at Bunnings , Cavius and paid $117.96 .
Only one went off when exposed to smoke . his neighbours one was the same brand , and very very slow to detect the smoke from a well ablaze lounge and the detector was in the same room

Scary to think it's a raffle .

harrislucinda, Jun 8, 5:36am
Dont know what make ours are one in dinning and one in hall they go off when our wood burner puffs smoke even when doing cheese on toast and not even burning

brightlights60, Jun 11, 8:34am
We just redid all of ours, got the tiny little ones that yes, last 10 years on a battery. Fingers crossed. They look so much better than the old ones that were basically landing pads for flies.

pandai, Jun 11, 8:45am
When buying smoke detectors it'a also worth checking the type of detector, i.e. ionisation or photoelectric. The latter is much better at detecting soldering fires for example, and the former better at detecting fast fires like in the kitchen.

kiwi_gem, Jun 16, 4:35pm
The one smoke alarm I have is fireangel. The council replaced our other one with 10 year ones in all council flats

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