Property owner identification:

schnauzer11, Aug 9, 3:07am
We have had minor problems with neighbours beside us, with parties. Thankfully they are a rear section. It appears to be tenanted by a woman with two small children. This morning a fight broke out at the base of the drive, and when I saw weapons I called 111. Armed-offenders police and dogs attended. A child of about 6 was among the group. Am I right in wishing to notify the landlord, and how do I ascertain who it is? No luck via computer so far.

andrewcg53, Aug 9, 3:30am

coralsnake, Aug 9, 4:33am
As above the Council will have a record of the owner.

Another thing - if the property becomes vacant, keep an eye on Trade Me 'to rent'.
We had 4 new flats next to us that became problem rentals.
Gradually got the letting companies info from TM and did not hesitate to call the property manager at 2-3am in the morning along with phoning noise control.

The problem rentals were soon not a problem~

honest-reliable, Aug 9, 5:10am
also call CYFS if a child is present with weapons that is no place for him/her
0508 326 459. You can be anonymous as CYFS can get the police record of what went on.

jonners2013, Aug 9, 7:48pm
I think that's nice that you want to tell the landlord. I'd appreciate a concerned neighbour telling me about dodgy tenants in my place.

Owners names are generally on the rating roll at the council. Alternatively ownership info is available from a system that agents, valuers etc have access to, so if you know one of those then you could ask them. Or chat to your friends and you may find a friend of a friend who has access to the systems.

schnauzer11, Aug 9, 8:53pm
Thanks, jonners, will investigate tomorrow.I'm a tolerant neighbour, but think that if I were the LL I'd like to be made aware. The parties are always full of clearly under-18s,(not counting the small children) and when they have weapons requiring the intervention of police with rifles, it's crossed a line for me.

astrophe, Aug 9, 9:22pm
Wouldn't the police, who responded, phone CYFS themselves if they thought there was reason for them to be involved?

schnauzer11, Aug 9, 9:34pm
I thought so too, and have no plan to do this.

jamesnmatt, Sep 12, 4:21pm
We were lucky enough to have seen the for rent sign so knew which company to contact. I now have a cell# which I'll use if it continues.

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