4.30am Recycling Truck too Early

Just wondering what has happened to the general rule of not disturbing the peace, when I was woken at 4.30 AM by a recycling truck doing the rounds?.

cantabman1, Jul 22, 7:36 am

Maybe there's more bins on his route now and he may wish to get home at a reasonable hour.

digga7, Jul 22, 8:05 am

If 4.30 is too early for you imagine how early the operator got up. Perhaps he wants to complete as much as he can before the traffic cranks up.

janbodean, Jul 22, 8:20 am

What the policy there? Our bins don't have to be out till 7 30 am.

flopsie, Jul 22, 8:33 am

A good point, but i thought it was by 7am; anyway I don't see how they can get away with working at 4.30am disturbing people's sleep.

cantabman1, Jul 22, 8:36 am

I think it's funny how there's always someone ready to defend the indefensible. Rubbish trucks are loud enough to wake the dead. It doesn't matter how early the driver wanted to get up, or how many bins he has. People have a right to a good night's sleep. If there are too many bins, then we need more trucks. Logistical problems should not fall on the shoulders of the public to suffer under.

Make a complaint to the council, cantabman. It's not okay for them to be disturbing the peace that early.

I'd love to see how the people defending this would feel if it had been them woken up at 4.30 in the morning. Seems everyone is always willing to tell someone else to put up and shut up, but never has any empathy for people who are suffering. NZ culture is a bit sick that way.

omnicow, Jul 22, 8:48 am

I agree cantabman1. That is not on. Doesn't matter what the job. Otherwise it could be argued that there is nothing wrong in any other work starting at that hour.

pezarointeriors, Jul 22, 8:50 am

Spot omnicow.

pezarointeriors, Jul 22, 8:51 am

That doesn't make sense. Hire more workers if thats the case.

tomber, Jul 22, 9:39 am

are you sure it wasn't a sweeper truck, doing gutters, similar looking and works night hours

issymae, Jul 22, 11:18 am

If you recheck that you will find you are advised to put Bins out the night before.
Runs times can and are changed from time to time
Pick ups start at 5 am
4.30 start by truck is in breach of not only contract but company policy.

fineo, Jul 22, 11:50 am

CCC website says to put bins out the night before or before 6am on collection day so it would seem that 4.30am is way too early surely. Their instructions would seem to imply 6am is the start of collection.

crazynana, Jul 22, 12:13 pm

I am on Brougham St, so have got used to the sound of Trucks Police,Fire,Ambulance, and Green Dr's car. They at least don't wake you up with noise at 4.30am,, but revving refuse truck is another matter.
I will phone the council. Thanks.

cantabman1, Jul 22, 12:30 pm

If I put mine out that late, it wouldn't be collected, ours are usually collected around 6am.

shakirafan, Jul 22, 1:32 pm

Opps,Drivers Breakfast was 5am.
First pick up 6 am.
From CCC website
Your responsibilities
To make sure your bins are collected, please check that bins:

lids are shut flat
are out by 6am and in by 11pm on collection day (to help prevent bin theft)
are on the footpath or grass verge closest to where the collection vehicle passes, logo facing the road
are at least 50cm apart from each other and from obstructions like trees and power poles
are not contaminated. Check the Christchurch Wheelie Bins app or the Sorting page to find out what to put in which bin.
If your bins go missing on collection day, please report to the Council within 24 hours of your pick up day to avoid replacement costs.

If you are moving house, please leave the bins behind at their allocated address.

fineo, Jul 22, 3:18 pm

Yep I was just curious as we are in Ashburton.U wouldnt know when theyre coming here, any time between 7 30am and 5 30 pm.We are still on bins for recycling and bags for rubbish so not a good idea at all to put out the night before.

flopsie, Jul 22, 3:26 pm

And not allowed to work those hours in residential areas .
Bastards were out my way last night , kept me awake for hours as Im sensitive to the frequency of the noise they emit

golfaholic2, Jul 22, 3:32 pm

Complain to council and directly to Waste Management.

astrophe, Jul 22, 6:54 pm

we have road sweeper at early hours,oh well just doing their job.

jessebird, Jul 22, 8:21 pm

Landlady has contacted Council, and awaiting a phone call reply.

cantabman1, Jul 24, 8:38 am

Will be interesting as to my knowledge the drivers cannot get into the yard until around 5 am.
Are you near any shops or pubs,at that hour sounds more like commercial pick up.

fineo, Jul 24, 1:27 pm

Same - just after 6am each collection day.
Got caught out when we first moved to the property as we used to put them out before heading to work at 8am.

babylak, Jul 24, 11:24 pm

Get over it mate.

bosch2006, Jul 25, 4:19 pm

Psalm 143:8
Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life.

stojo, Jul 25, 7:07 pm

Just turn over and snooze on. It's not a daily occurrence is it?

kacy5, Jul 27, 6:41 pm

they aren't suppose to start till 6am

kids4ever, Jul 27, 7:00 pm

Have not heard back from the council, guessing it is of a low priority!

cantabman1, Jul 29, 4:48 am

Eh, don't worry. I've pointed out to them my direct debit rates didn't seem to get taken this month and haven't had a response. They're not that keen on responding when it's THEM getting money off me, so they really won't be interested in something as mundane as this!

astrophe, Aug 1, 8:50 pm

council is in breach of its own noise control bylaws I suspect, if you want to try that angle. Mst councils are not before 8am to tie in with the act or bylaw.

gabbysnana, Aug 2, 8:56 am

Quite likely right , I quizzed them at length over the street sweeper contracts and they avoided like the plague telling me what time they let them work , as opposed to contract guidelines . basically couldn't get a straight answer from them

golfaholic2, Aug 2, 11:54 am

from 6am in christchurch, they are allowed to start, i checked up to find out,
and gosh the ones sweeping the cutters come too early as well

kids4ever, Aug 2, 9:45 pm

24/7 and against the rules . CBD and industrial areas is OK by their contracts , otherwise they are running foul and it drives me insane , being sensitive to that frequency

golfaholic2, Aug 3, 7:41 am

i am talking about suburban areas

kids4ever, Aug 3, 3:45 pm

I got them kicked out of the New Brighton area . and forced them to maintain their vehicles .

I know full well they are still out there tho , keeping a wide berth . under resources and over committed , so have to work nights . the mileage on their spedo's via carjam gives it away

golfaholic2, Aug 3, 7:40 pm

Any word from the council yet regarding this Cantabman? I called last week regarding the street sweeper noise during the early hours of the morning. Was expecting a return phone call but as yet, nothing. Made a follow up call today. They charge more than enough in rates, so they can at least afford residents an unbroken nights sleep.

intheoneone, Aug 4, 2:06 pm

You need to ask for the contracts supervisor for your area , East of Fitzgerald Ave is East , West is west , North is north of Bealey , its more NW actually . (Im fuzzy on Nth as I never really had to deal with that side of town)

If you have no joy there , last time I bothered them their team leader was Tania Naven .
Demand that they visit GPS data for the date/time and have the contractor give you a personal apology is its determined they were working outside contract limitations .
Part of the reason they are annoying you , is because I stopped them annoying me lol

golfaholic2, Aug 4, 3:31 pm

Haha nice work golfaholic! Well done on that work and thanks for the advice : ) very much appreciated.

intheoneone, Oct 9, 2:36 am

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