Glorious Rain

honest-reliable, Mar 6, 11:28pm
Isn't it great to have some rain refreshing rain.
I have left my car out in the hope that it might self clean - lol
Everyone else happy about the rain?

sophie98, Mar 6, 11:35pm
Garden and lawn are loving it.

oskybosky, Mar 6, 11:46pm
I hope we have a good amount of rain, but not too much that houses in low lying areas are flooded.

craftylady1, Mar 7, 1:20am
The rain is lovely, but I'm over the heat

harrislucinda, Mar 7, 1:28am
had 13 mls now sun out and temp rising

honest-reliable, Mar 7, 2:46am
well that rain didn't last long

justnewbie, Mar 7, 2:50am
yea nice sunny now

jane310567, Mar 7, 4:11am
Bring on the autumn - i remember why i left aussie now!

issymae, Mar 7, 4:25am
all gone by lunchtime

robotix1970, Mar 7, 4:34am
gidday crafty .try this one . 10 litre of rain in only one hour this morning up here in the high country. (And my outside wakeup shower at dawn was lovely as was the hi speed air dry lol) ??

dannyboy24, Mar 7, 4:55am
that's 10,000mm?

craftylady1, Mar 7, 5:14am
This heat, and my MS, aren't great friends

honest-reliable, Jan 6, 10:18pm
sorry to hear that crafty, do you need a fan for the house?

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