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rollydog1, Jan 3, 7:55pm
I made the mistake of thinking Tuam Street between Barbadoes and Fitz was one way so there I was driving on the other side (from Barbadoes Street end going towards Fitz) and got to Fitz until I realized it was in fact two way.The guy glaring at me in the other lane was probably an indication I was performing an illegal act.I find Tuam Street sometimes confusing so now I use Lichfield Street to exit the city.

rav413, Dec 21, 11:03pm
After all the closures, earthmoving machinery, etc Tuam has emerged as a dangerous two lane alleyway. Tree plantings, parking spaces, a veritable kaleidoscope of colours all combine to make this road pretty scary. Stupid Council!

bosch2006, Dec 22, 6:43am
Dont drive down there then

nicsta4, Dec 22, 8:02am
I think it much better don't like it go another way. Its much better slower road speed its the way thing are going to be now great job done

slimgym, Dec 22, 8:38am
+2 so true I thought the same while driving down there the other day

daisyhill, Dec 22, 9:06am

Leave it for the pedestrians, cyclists, and people who are actually going to premises on Tuam Street. I'm sure that's the whole point of the redesign.

rav413, Dec 22, 9:32am
Pointless saying "don't go there then" So do we avoid all roads that are badly designed?

daisyhill - one would imagine that a one way street was designed to carry vehicles primarily; a thoroughfare. After all, Tuam St was changed into a one way street. And why assume I do not shop in Tuam St?

daisyhill, Dec 22, 10:19pm
rav413, you would then fall into the category I listed of "people who are actually going to premises on Tuam Street". I think it is well designed as a street that now works for many types of user rather than only really being safe for cars that are going somewhere else anyway.

mme, Dec 22, 10:55pm
Last time I went down Tuam St I hadn't realised it was a one way East. I had to go down St Asaph St which is one way West. I couldn't park & walk, even there had been a car park bc I was taking my road cone mover to get new brake pads at the Auto place there. At least I had somewhere to park but I couldn't walk to C1 because of all the fencing on the road but luckily there is C4 in that block where I could recover from the trauma of getting there.

Wasn't the intention of the one waying of Tuam St to get ppl to Gerry's big White Elephant Stadium? I see the repair of the Lancaster / Jade / Old AMI stadium still hasn't been finalised one way or the other.

rav413, Dec 23, 2:03am
daisyhill - the point of my post was to illustrate how dangerous the road Regardless of its supposed "uses" the fact remains it is dangerous!

shannie1998, Dec 23, 2:35am
I cross it 4 times a day on foot - believe me it hasn't slowed the traffic in any way, shape or form.

I'm with the others - the design is ridiculous

teddybearlover, Dec 23, 2:48am
I drive down it each day and have to watch out for the idiots who park on the north side then open their door and step out into the traffic without looking. Had to brake a couple of time and hope that the car behind me stopped. Who every design it, has not driven down it. (Probably some muppet on the eight floor in the council building who rides a bike to work and is a tree hugger) It worst about high street in the left hand lane. You have to slow right down or you end up hitting the kerb. And do not get me started about what happen after Barbadoes street. Two lanes from the hospital, then after barbadoes street into one lane. Another great idea.

tmc1, Dec 23, 3:02am
haha its so funny when drivers dont want to slow down and drive at the speed required. i suggest people stop driving across the inner city streets as an access way and start driving along the avenues for this. Good on the council to start making the inner city roads slower and more convenient for cyclists and pedestrians.

jessebird, Dec 23, 3:20am
Thats why i don,t drive in the city, wouldn,t have a clue where i am going anymore.

mme, Dec 23, 3:59am
Just back from the new Piko's for third time since it's been open & though the building looks lovely it's completely dysfunctional once you are inside. Customer at the counter block access to high shelves which are too high imo.

The time before that had someone doing a taster for yogurt ice cream blocking access to the fruit, vege & fridge area. Also I nearly got run over by a foreign driver who turned off Barbadoes St into the right side lane!

Today I thought I'd use the carpark but it was full. You can't see that until you there bc the entrance is on an angle at bottom of the carpark .I waiting blocking footpath attempting to back out for 10mins. I had to put my hazard lights on. Finally someone came out & went out the no exit route as I did when I left in very stressed state. There's a door near the carpark but it's only for trolleys & wheelchairs I asked if I could use it as it was pouring with rain. No I couldn't. After getting drenched & while getting to my car I saw a woman come out that door! One of staff came & yelled at her.

loose.unit8, Dec 23, 4:01am
God forbid roads be used for driving on

teddybearlover, Dec 23, 6:16am
Yes that what the four avenues are for but what happens if you work within the four avenues. You have to drive through these dangerous roads now. Try doing it at 5 at night or 7.30 in the morning, very dangerous. The road speed is still 50kms but try doing that on any of the roads within the four avenues. Smaller width roads and bloody orange road cones everywhere. plus cycle-ways which I have not seen one cyclist use.(The building I work in faces tuam street where they have built a new cycle way)

tygertung, Dec 23, 7:10am
What if you drive at 50 kph on the four avenues and then drive at a safe speed within, for example 30 kph so you don't kill so many pedestrians?

tmc1, Dec 23, 7:39am
yes tygertung - what if? Maybe there might be less damage on the roads by drivers - what an idea! Or maybe, even, just think about it - you could park your car outside the four avenues and ride a bike in - i hear the bike lanes are paved with gold, and so quiet you could hear a mouse on them!

xmakara, Dec 23, 11:03am
Don't forget that St Asaph Street, Durham Street, Manchester Street and Montreal Street is going to be redesigned the same way and will have the speed limit permanently dropped to 30kph. Heaven forbid the moaning on here then.

xmakara, Dec 23, 11:05am
No. The whole purpose is to remove cars and buses off Oxford Terrace and Lichfield Street. Oxford is going to become dead end streets except for walkers and cyclists and Lichfield is now two-way.

rav413, Dec 23, 12:18pm
Of course loose unit - what on earth was I thinking! That was oh so yesteryear.

loose.unit8, Dec 24, 3:53am
You can be sure I won't be going 30 down them

tygertung, Dec 24, 5:31am
What if you leave a safety margin when planning your trips? Leave a little earlier so you are not in so much of a rush that you don't have time to drive at a safe speed and put other peoples lives at risk?

If you aren't willing to do that, perhaps you should consider riding a bicycle? You can go as fast as you want then and have minimal risk of hurting anyone.

loose.unit8, Dec 24, 6:02am
Lol @ put other people's lives at risk.

FYI I cycle to work every day.

FYI you still have to adhere to speed limits on a bicycle.

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