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rav413, Dec 24, 10:57pm
+1 Agree! Funny how some people assume you're either a cyclist or a motorist. I used to bike to work before I got onto John Key's payroll.

blb71, Dec 26, 7:37pm
If a cyclist goes as fast as they want and exceeds the speed limit, that is illegal. Why do cyclists persist to cycle as close to, on top of, or even outside the white line of their cycle lane, particularly so in heavy traffic? I can only assume it's because they are stupid, or they would argue that their tyres are more susceptible to road debris. If that is the case, why don't they just get thicker tyres. Thicker tyres would possibly be heavier but this would help them with their resistance training and make them a faster cyclist when they compete. Oh that's right. most of them don't. Their sole purpose is to annoy other road users and non cycling cafe customers.

tygertung, Dec 26, 8:55pm
I'd say that would be the same with car drivers.
They are driving around the streets for training to make them a faster driver when they compete. Oh that's right. most of them don't. Their sole purpose is to annoy other road users and cycling cafe customers.

There is an issue when people in cars keep throwing glass bottles out of the windows of their cars putting broken glass all over the road. Would you purposly ride/drive over broken glass? It can also be hazardous driving/riding too close to parked cars due to doors opening, children/pedestrians stepping out in front etc.

I'd say that most cyclists riding as fast as they want are not going to be breaking many speed limits. Most people are not going to be able to ride much above 30 kilometres an hour for extended periods and even less so than over 50 kilometres per hour. Perhaps you are some super athlete and should be competing at the olympics, but I am just a person of average fitness, just wanting to do my shopping, go to work, visit family, visit library etc. I could use a car I suppose, but I don't have the time, money to do so and I don't like the additional risk to myself and others.

teddybearlover, Dec 31, 2:09am
Speedy Cyclists !
Last time I drove Akaroa - Christchurch road, coming down the last hill and just before the 45km left hand bend into Litter River, I was passed by a group of peddle-files, these so called observers of the road code. I must have been doing about 50kms under braking but still got passed. I spoke to this group at the Little River cafe but all I got was a mouthful of 4 letters words. (that trademe will not let me type here.) So called law abiding citizens.

urbanrefugee54, Dec 31, 2:47am
like the peddle-files - as good as the uk camping shop with the window sign 'the summer of our discount tents'

tygertung, Feb 7, 7:17am
The corner sign is only a recommended speed. It isn't the law. I have often exceeded the recommended corner speed whilst driving or riding. It is to give you an indication, especially when you have a poor handling vehicle.

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