EQC are giving us the runaround . Roofer needed

ronash, Jun 5, 9:07am
Can anyone please recommend a good roofer who will come and assess our earthquake damaged roof and provide quotes for EQC? We have submitted two repair quotes to EQC from reputable roofers but they have been rejected. EQC through Fletcher's then got DCM Roofing to do a report and subsequently we have been offered only half the cost stated by the other two quotes? When approached by us, DCM, only provided a quote for a replacement roof! Feeling shafted . never had leaks before the quakes and roof was well maintained and original. Have full replacement insurance and near cap, why this runaround?

angiesbaking, Jun 7, 11:10am
Beware of DCM ! 6 months to replace roof and than wanted more money. And new roof leaking! They won't come to fix.
I recommend On top roofing! Very helpful and good workers.

batty211, Jun 8, 1:44am
Beware DCM roofing ! Did the same to me. Have whacked an extra amount on quote "unforeseen issues". Left roof open to the weather THREE times which has caused damage to internal paint work.

geoone, Jun 8, 2:34am
Steel & tube.

ronash, Jun 8, 7:39am
Thank you for your replies and recommendations. I have already heard of other non plussed with DCM. I will take note!

tmacc, Jun 8, 9:16pm
NOT Mainland Roofing or Foster Roofing which are subcontractors for the Benchmark rebuild next door to us up our private Lane. On Thursday they parked up the Lane to have lunch, threw their rubbish out the van door and a bottle. When told to pick up their rubbish they were rude and abusive. One of them was doing handstands, leaping on the others, lifting one up, and at one point went into one of the other neighbours property for no reason (all on security camera).

Right now, one has blown his nose on the driveway and unfortunately snotted all down his leg. They have been told to park on the street but have refused to. I thought since we are part owners of this a Lane and pay rates on it, we had some say about who parks up here. Apparently not.

ronash, Jun 9, 7:04am
Thank you for your input all :-)

jackie111, Jun 21, 4:11pm
re-roofing specialists - for all your re-roofing needs!

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