New revised cost for cycleways?

fekim, Mar 6, 5:44am
So the cost has blown out. way out from what it was originally going to cost. Who is going to do the work? Is it going to be gifted to our CCC owned contracting company, or will it go out for public tender. I believe there is a new council "rule" that anything over $X is to be tendered. Or is it Gerry's team doing it?

sigull, Jan 7, 1:06pm
I would like to see it tendered and won by anyone other than City Care, When you compare City Care with Downer's work on the Johns Road 4 Laning project it is like Chalk and Cheese, Downer have kept the dust to a minimum, they work fast and cause as little disruption as possible, where as City Care were slow, the dust was unbelievable and how many times did they tar seal the same stretch of Russley Rd!

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