Fancy Jet plans over Christchurch just now.

tom9, May 5, 5:09am
Anyone see them fly over? Sure was loud!

bosch2006, May 5, 5:12am
Any purple ones.

xmakara, May 5, 5:53am
I heard it!

jcmp21, May 5, 6:14am
Couldn't be a military one as Aunty Helen scrapped those to save money and then paid tens of millions of dollars each year for them to sit in a field rusting.

mm12345, Dec 1, 10:05pm
. because the yanks were kind of particular about to whom we sold them.
John Key sold the lot for $7.8 million. The American buyer is on record saying : "I don't think I would use the word bargain to describe the purchase of these aircraft. The New Zealand A-4K Skyhawks are the finest aircraft of their type ever built."

It's great to have friends.

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