Snide comments

granny98, Sep 17, 3:53am
I have noticed in a few threads of late that there are snide?rude/uncalled for comments being made. A lot posted on here has very little to do with Cant recovery. I think trade me should take Canterbury Recovery off.

tavendale1, Sep 17, 4:44am
Lots of invaluable information and support here for those let down by people who are paid to do better

robyn35, Sep 17, 6:30am
well if you get rid of the trolls and shit stirrers then there is still a lot of usual and helpful information, not sure why certain posters get their jollies by posting rubbish in this forum

opencast, Sep 17, 7:08am
I agree. My claim is still in process and has a number of moving parts that are complicating things. I've generally found people on here to be really helpful and the sharing of experiences (good and bad) has helped me in terms of my own claim., Sep 17, 7:26am
Too true, there is much good advice to be had here if the trolls will just bog off.

pip4, Sep 17, 7:35am
Just dont answer trolls. dont even go there, they will go away, it is quite boring arguing with yourself.

fineo, Sep 17, 7:40am
It will disappear end of February

brightlights60, Sep 17, 7:57am
Its a bit sad if it disappears. Canterbury people need a heck of a lot of support. Some of the mental scarring is only just becoming apparent now in humans, and don't even start me on the animals. I can only imagine what those with claims still not settled are going through. Its heartbreaking., Sep 17, 7:58am
Yes, it seems to be getting quite frustrated with its latest attention seeking thread.

kerry22, Sep 17, 8:00am
You get comments like that on all the message boards. Maybe message boards should be banned

granny98, Sep 17, 10:11am
I have been accessing this board as a form of support & info since the quakes began. I have genuine repair concerns & have found a lot of support & info etc, but in the last month or so I have found that most threads are off topic., Sep 17, 5:57pm
Yes well I'm peeved that a thread I started which was on topic was then hijacked by a troll and eventually removed because of the outlandish comments and claims said troll was making.

granny98, Sep 17, 6:44pm
I'd be peeved too, this is exactly what I"m talking about, in regards to snide comments, & its not even school holidays.

astrophe, Apr 25, 2:08pm
Then email them. Why you telling us?

There is still some good information posted here for people who are, unbelievably, STILL struggling with their quake situations.

Why would you want to take that resource off those people?

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