Good Washing Machine deals - which Company?

Probably look at front loader

jessie981, Oct 9, 6:06 pm

I would highly recommend these guys, brought an LG from them several months ago, $350 cheaper than local shops, $40 freight to Christchurch as apposed to $70 from local shop and arrived 5 days after ordering online. Only thing had to install myself, not very hard, a couple of hoses and plug in. Sold old one here for $1 so no problem. And no i don't work for them just service worth recommending.

wayne416, Oct 9, 7:40 pm

For top loaders- I had to do some repairs on my 1970s F&P the other day. The spin cycle wasn't working and it was leaking water. I was able to get new clutch shoes for it from Safe'R'Brakes and, got a new drive belt from Saeco Wilsons and the water pump seal I got from Seal Imports. Was finally goot to get the old girl overhauled- a very satisfying job.

tygertung, Oct 12, 8:27 am

Try and cover the solenoid so if water leaks from the pump seal, it won't short the solenoid.
Also, if one day the water or cleaned clothes smells 'oily',the gearbox is corroded and some oil has leaked out into the water.
Remove the agitator and clean the corrosion and gunky washing powder from under it too.
They are great machines. Wish i still had one.

I have a Haier, not great from the start, 3/4 of the time it takes is just filling it with water. I could pee faster that it fills.
And I cannot do a 'presoak' with it, and the dashboards ment for someone who reads from right to left.

marte, Jan 15, 2:38 am

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