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2meltonpark, May 14, 10:28pm
It is almost four and a half years and I cannot believe that it takes that long to settle a simple insurance claim. I am curious to know how people are managing to cope? What kind of issues are people having? Some days I wake up and the first thing on my mind is insurance. I often wake up at 3.00am night after night. It seems never ending. Are other people also struggling?

david_270, May 15, 12:47am
Heaps of people still struggling, and with the costs blowing out for IAG, Tower, & SR, the pressure on them to settle claims as cheaply as possible may just add to the stress.
But, there is plenty of free help available for people.

wanderer52, May 15, 3:14am
I know how you feel, so does Dr Rob Gordon. You can find a few talks by him on youtube, here's one. Listening to him made so much sense

robyn35, May 15, 3:30am
This whole process has nearly killed me, its been hell for the last two years and i just want my home and life back, second round of repairs about to start

jamesnmatt, May 15, 3:30am
my policy is confusing me today - just got our renewal in the post, and it's $10 cheaper per month than before, with the same level of coverage. Random.

ambrosia61, May 15, 4:52am
Today I am so stressed. No one will return my calls. I feel we are going in circles. Arghhhhh.

retrodesign, May 15, 6:40am
Going through court action. Got served a copy of eqc/iag report on Monday. It confirmed everything I had been saying for years because they had to have an engineers report and geotech!

jessebird, May 15, 8:45am
Still waiting.

cry1, May 15, 9:09am
I have this issue with IAG. It is beyond frustrating and unprofessional.

ambrosia61, May 15, 10:18am

si50, May 15, 10:24am
still waiting. And there are days I want to shout it from the roof tops-to the rest of NZ. Heaven forbid that anyone, anywhere, anytime, ever again, has to go through the struggle, hassle, lies, delays and nonsense that we've had to endure, and believe me, there are people FAR worse off than us, so we don't say too much. We just wait.

ambrosia61, May 15, 10:39am
It is kind of comforting in a strange way to know we are not alone in our struggle. Most people I come across have either had their repairs done or settled. But as I see here , there are still quite a few of us at the back of the line.

bratpack06, May 15, 6:43pm
Same, they are lying thieving bas**rds who want to cash settle but not for actual rebuild costs. We have had lawyer involved but even he didn't have much luck, and it costs so much! Govt needs to step in and make them settle these claims fairly. If we did to them, what they are doing to us, they would prosecute.

david_270, May 15, 7:35pm
A good insurance lawyer should have been able to help you with cash settlement? Hope it wasn't a family lawyer learning at your expense.

2meltonpark, May 15, 9:51pm
"A good insurance lawyer should have been able to help you with cash settlement? Hope it wasn't a family lawyer learning at your expense."

Too right David_270 - there are a lot of lawyers in Christchurch who know absolutely nothing about insurance law and selling their services regardless. Be very careful when you employ the services of a legal practitioner. Only makes the whole process worse if you get it wrong.

2meltonpark, May 15, 10:06pm
Taking about cash settlement see there's a talk coming up on cash settlement soon. See this link

cry1, May 16, 6:27am
Hi all - although I do not wish this trouble on any of you, I too find some solace from the fact I am not in this battle alone. I would be really grateful to talk to anyone battling IAG to compare stories and strategies.

retrodesign, May 16, 6:43am
Hi cry1. Unfortunately my personal experience with both IAG and EQC has not been positive. I also have no faith in services such as RAS, which act as a mediation service. In the case of house damage mediation is not what is required. The extent of damage has to be proved, and contrary to popular belief, it is down to the home owner to quantify their loss. Therefore if you think you are getting a bum deal you have to obtain an independent report on your property. This is expensive but in some cases you have no choice. Once you know how damaged your property is then you know how far away the insurance company is. In our case EQC claimed we were under cap with $30k of damage. We had a report done, provided it to EQC and IAG, they ignored it and a claim was made against them. The court then directs both parties to carry out certain things In order to settlement. Both sides have to provide an independent report and in our case a geotechnical report was required. Then everyone meets and comes up with a repair strategy. If both parties agree then costings are carried out. I'm not suggesting everyone goes to court but if you know the extent of the damage but they are not listerning then it should be considered. In our case, based on IAG's own report the house is pretty much cheaper to rebuild. But different to $30k!

bratpack06, May 16, 6:50am
Hi cry1, want to go over to Show Place with me one day and make a big scene? That's about where we are, really angry that they are just not settling our claim which we made( like everyone else) almost 1/2 a decade ago! We are a rebuild, but all they have been able to supply us with so far are repair prices, with over $300k of stuff left off their so called settlement, they suck at communication, are unprofessional and are thieves basically. it should be simple, but they just don't want to pay out anything! You should see all the mistakes on our settlement offer they made its unbelievable, and obviously deliberate.

cry1, May 16, 6:57am
Thanks retrodesign. My issue with IAG is that since they moved to only doing cash settlements they have ignored prior recommendations from their own loss adjuster that house is a rebuild and have instead done two more 'scopes', each of which have reduced their cash settlement offer. After 7 weeks of no contact they today stated that no 'complete' scope has ever been carried out so they are starting the process all over again. I agree I will need to get my own costings done, but until they decided on the damage and repair strategy I am unsure if I am just sinking more money into an already bad situation?

cry1, May 16, 6:59am
Very keen :) Anyone else? I do believe we need to get our stories out there and that there is strength in numbers.

david_270, May 16, 8:06am
Join one or more of the FB groups. TC3 Residents etc.

lindaquinn, May 16, 8:22am
Yup still going here, finally got the first engineers report and my damage is listed as the neighbours and I have there's for decks sake. It's little wonder they have no idea . Sigh . We have a permit off that most incompetent report.

ronash, May 16, 9:47am
EQC telling us to get the quotes for earthquake damage at our own cost from the respective professionals; and when you finally get someone to come and look and provide a quote in the exacting way EQC demand, it is then challenged, and if they do agree to payout, it is at a fraction of the actual amount! It wears you down, the process is lengthy and feels futile, their actions are criminal!

tjs641, May 16, 12:17pm
As above join the Facebook groups. The knowledge and help I have gained is priceless.

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