Lost camera in christchurch Saturday night.

Lost. Black Samsung Camera


easyasabc, Jul 7, 1:11 am

Why was the only copy of the photo's on the camera? Takes 30 seconds to back them up to a computer and/or flashdrive and/or DVD.

Asking for it really. Lesson learned.

lugee, Jul 7, 6:15 am

The bulk of them were backed up it was only the recent ones that hadn't been as she was going to do it after the festival of lights show they went to, so it's not a lesson learned and she wasn't asking for it, I'm only asking on here if anyone has found it I don't need a lecture thank you.

easyasabc, Jul 7, 11:08 am

Hope it turns up. Presume she checked at the police station?

lesleyd3, Jul 8, 7:47 am

how rude!

Hope it turns up op

angeb2, Jul 8, 7:53 am

Thank you lesleyd3 and angeb2 I thought it was a bit rude to lol, yes details have been left with the police but sadly I think it's gone for good :-(

easyasabc, Jul 9, 2:10 am

Make sure you check with surrounding businesses, as most of them will have a lost property box, as members of the public often find things on the street and hand things in to the nearest business (I know as I work in one!).

Good luck!

francesca11, Jul 9, 2:27 am