Cat door

jamesnmatt, Sep 16, 10:39am
I would suggest no-one actually take the time or effort to reply to this poster, because we've already learnt this is an ex-EQC employee who likes to troll.

tygertung, Sep 16, 6:05pm
Why do you have to be so horrible to your husband? Comments like that are very hurtful.

harrislucinda, Sep 16, 11:01pm
yes disappear thru to a black hole sure he didn't do on purpose

honest-reliable, Sep 17, 3:18am
maybe the useless husbands useless wife is trying to commit fraud due to EQ damage and not an innocent breakage on his behalf.

kids4ever, Sep 17, 4:13am
WHAT! , goodness, you want to rip off the government for new glass that the quake didn't do, SHAME ON YOU

kids4ever, Sep 17, 4:15am
exactly what I thought, hope EQC pickup on this thread and contact trademe for her details, shocking, what else has she claimed on & should not have, would be interesting, she will wish she never started this thread

kids4ever, Sep 17, 4:17am
that's weird, the trader lives in Gisborne, how many quakes you had there

kids4ever, Sep 17, 5:23am
well if you can live with yourself & your neighbour being a fraud, Karma will one day catch up with you, shocking

calista, Sep 17, 6:21am
You sound bitter. Maybe you just need to let it go and move on.

mcd_nj, Sep 17, 6:38am
Actually glass doors with cat doors can break in earthquakes as we had exactly that happen during one of the big aftershocks, but before you slip and crack your head open racing on to your soap box, we didn't claim for it because we chose to save our energy for dealing with d*ckheads at eqr for the major damage.

Ironically all you are doing is scoring own goals with these posts proving to everyone outside of chch what we had to deal with.

nz_nicola, Sep 17, 6:55am
My mother had a cat door in the window of a bedroom out to a small cat cage off the house, it broke in the sept quake,
What a nasty piece of work OP is!

marte, Sep 18, 1:40pm
The cats probably called 'Quake'.

Not a bad name for a cat.

honest-reliable, Sep 19, 12:58am
or Quaker or Quacker lol

dolphinlu, Apr 20, 4:35pm
Wont it be covered under normal insurance if you have windows in your policy

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