Relative is moving in while house gets repaired

coops39, Mar 14, 7:39am
Her house policy allows for $20k accommodation, how does this work if she moves in with us?

robyn35, Mar 14, 8:18am
some insurance co's only pay a maximum amount per week if living with relatives and its really low sometimes a better way is to take a cash settlement on your accommodation allowance which can be around 80% of the total amount. Only downside to that is if repairs take a lot longer than anticipated

bootsy2003, Mar 14, 8:51am
When my son and I had to move out for house repairs, Southern Response were willing to pay $950/wk for a 2 bedroom house, but only $75/wk each ($150 for both) to stay at a relative's place. Not sure if all insurance co's have the same limits. Our house policy also had a $20K accommodation allowance.

tigger250, Mar 14, 10:06pm
My insurance co will only pay a small amount if I move in with relatives - but will pay me a cash allowance of $1000pw - guess what I will be taking.

kiwiguy100, Mar 15, 1:07am
Might be wrong, but I think I have read that the accommodation allowance limit (eg. $20k in OP's policy) is for each event. If you have got 2 earthquake claims, the maximum amount would increase to $40k (= 2 x $20k).
Does anyone know whether this is correct or not, please?

gillian25, Mar 15, 2:03am
Yes. This is correct. They wont tell you this, you have to tell them.

robyn35, Mar 15, 2:54am
have you managed to get two lots of accommodation allowance paid out gillian, if so im sure there would be thousands of people who would love to hear how you managed it because everyone i know has been told it was not possible

granny98, Mar 15, 3:01am
Geez I was under insured & get only 4000 for 8weeks acc, & to pay storage etc.

rockme4, Mar 15, 3:36am
just found this message posted by < gillian25 > on 7:58 pm, Fri 30 Jan #5

"you can claim accommodation for each event. Meaning if the damage occured over 2 events your allocation is approx $20,000 each event, This was recently clarified in court. Let your Ins comp know that you are aware of the legalities or else they will make you fight for it. Good luck with your repairs."

This would be wonderful news, IF true!

lorischch, Mar 15, 9:26pm
There are landlords who let only to people having earthquakes repairs done. We and our pets stayed in a lovely house in Sumner for 6 weeks. Insurance covered the $775 p/w rent.
Why would anyone want to cram in to a relative's house when they can be comfortable and independent at no cost?

kiwicarol, Mar 15, 9:50pm
my understanding is you might be entitled to 2 lots of accommodation if your policy rolled over between events . Never heard of anyone getting it paid per event within the same ins cover year.

blacktooth1, Mar 15, 11:07pm
Wow didn't know there was any kind of pay out for staying with relatives.

-weasel-, Dec 31, 2:01am
I was insured for $25,000 accomodation. We could have used a holiday home at $900 a week, or a max of $150 a week for staying at my parents. We took the holiday home.

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