Chch hotel prior to EQ

missyandme, Feb 21, 9:08am
Am trying to remember the name of a hotel i stayed in circe 2009, no idea if it even still exists. It was in the central city, very close to cathedral square and had colouring-changing lights under the bed, randomly. Long-shot i know but hopefully someone recognises it

corkranb, Feb 21, 9:26am
Yes that was the SO Hotel on Cashel Street. It had the Chinese made glass cubicle shower/toilet with the different colour lights, also the blue lights under the beds. The Hotel got through the earthquakes quite well as I have been inside it after the earthquakes. The Grand Chancellor that was next door was a different matter and was actually leaning against the Hotel SO when it started slumping. The Grand Chancellor has now been demolished and the Hotel SO is now being completely refurbished inside and out and I believe the two top floors will be open for business very shortly.

missyandme, Feb 21, 9:34am
thanks for that, was exactly what i wanted!

lil_tarnz, Feb 21, 11:27am
it will open as breakfree hotel april 1st :)

jcmp21, Jan 16, 6:49pm
Is that "breakfee" in the Freddy Mercury sense? Parades and festivals I knew about, but hotels now too?

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