Woodburners Auckland - CCC smell the roses

corkranb, Mar 4, 6:05pm
Auckland Council is backing away from banning open fireplaces and older style wood burners, saying the city has bigger pollution problems.
Last year the council sent a bylaw on the issue back to the drawing board following widespread criticism.
The council's Regulatory and Bylaws Committee is set to reconsider the ban again at its meeting on April 1.
But committee chairman Calum Penrose says it's not the route Auckland should be going down.
The ban was initially due to come in on May 1, affecting an estimated 17,000 houses with open fireplaces and a further 64,000 with pre-2005 wood burners.
From that date homeowners would have had to take out or block up the fires before they could sell their properties, and remove them altogether by 2018.

golfaholic2, Mar 5, 5:42am
Pretty sure I predicted this outcome some months ago . too many votes at stake .
ECan have been chipping away at burner / fire numbers for years . shifting the balance of support . now they can almost do as they please .

fineo, Mar 5, 4:49pm
I think they are in for a tougher battle to meet air quality requirement's, by trying to just go down the path of the"looking at transport" .
They may reduce it by further scrutiny of heavy industries, but if they thought looking at home fires was a tough sell ,good luck with transport.
Here in Christchurch there is still a way to go with industry and transport, but the improvement to air quality over the last few years has been out standing.

golfaholic2, Mar 5, 5:06pm
what I take from the article , is the air quality is already good enough .
How big is Auckland ? and how many areas have the bad air ? .

The monitoring is too specific , and doesn't reflect reality . what the system does do , is push an obvious Govt agenda

treecave, Jan 7, 9:48pm
how often do they need a fire going.

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