Imagination Station R18 nights

vintage_betty, Aug 30, 9:02pm
Last night we went along to one of Imagination stations adult only build and sip nights. $10 got us 2 hours of lego fun, snacks and we could take our own alcohol ;-)
This is a cool not for profit place set up to offer CHCH positive entertainment in these hard times, and is free during the day. Would hate to see it close but it costs $330 a day to run so they need more support for their evening stuff.
We had a great time last night, even though I ran out of time to finish my awesome duplo house I was building haha!

si50, Sep 1, 9:43am
lol- that sounds like fun. It's a fantastic place for kids day time too and only a gold coin donation.

kim.s, Sep 1, 11:22am
Where is this place?

I have heard about it, but never been.

indigojo, Jun 19, 2:41pm
It's in cathedral junction mall, just across the road from new regent street. It's a great place to take the kids, my lot like being able to play with the Lego motorised train sets. You can order drinks and cookies from ma Higgins and have them delivered too :-)

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