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mm12345, Sep 17, 10:06pm

Gerry Brownlee, the Minister Responsible for EQC, dismissed the comments as "extremely disingenuous" and "churlish".

"I don't know who this Mr Feaver is but his job is to look after the accounts . . . he doesn't get to make decisions about who gets covered and who doesn't."

mm12345, Sep 17, 10:07pm
Gerry, he's the CFO. It is his job to report reasons for blowouts / major variances. Those reasons will have been explained to him by senior SR staff.

"To say the claims now are over their estimates actually points to him and his colleagues being pretty damn useless at making estimates in the first place."

SR had to use EQC's figures - until they'd scoped the repairs themselves. If my experience was typical (probably), then EQC took extreme measures to prevent SR from even stepping foot in our property. It took about a year from being passed on to SR as over-cap until a reasonably comprehensive DRA was complete. Until then, it was probably sitting on SR's books at the ludicrously low EQC SOW figure.

Of course it blew out. Is Gerry really suggesting that the CFO of SR should report a variance of hundreds of millions of dollars between EQC's SOW information and SR's DRA without comment?
Only two things could have happened here, EQC were systemically under-costing repairs, or EQC were systemically under-reporting damage.

I don't know what the PM thinks about having a senior Minister launch into a public personal attack as he has done. I'd hate to think that CFOs and senior staff in other ministries would be working in an environment where in the course of doing their job - properly - then they'd be at risk of eliciting a response such as this from Brownlee.

This was legitimate comment from an SFO in an annual report. Unfortunately for Gerry - it's just another thing which makes him look like the complete clown he is. And a despicable bully.
If CEO/SFOs need to "sit on the truth" rather than report it, for fear that a bully Minister will attack them, then that isn't acceptable. It's what I'd expect in North Korea - not NZ.

ronash, Sep 17, 10:30pm
Hear, hear!

david_270, Sep 17, 11:19pm
I'm guessing that Herr Brownlees next target will be Cecile Meier, who wrote the story. He may also claim that he was mis-reported, or taken out of context etc. Fortunately Cecile is one smart lady, and I certainly believe her rather than the guy who has presided over, and probably initially orchestrated, the current fiasco.
We need an enquiry, we need people to sign the petition. or:

david_270, Sep 19, 7:32am

oskybosky, Mar 23, 3:43pm
Sorry to inform you, but that's nothing compared to what goes on behind closed doors. "What the f*** are you doing interfering with my S124's" is what one MBIE staff member got for trying to do his job.

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