Whooping cough

issymae, Jul 28, 10:39pm
is this doing the rounds at the moment; Dr mentioned I should have booster , am a pensioner and had mild dose 3-4 years ago; cost will be about $80; not sure wether to get it or not- whats the risk of getting it

tomytidlemouse, Jul 29, 1:19am
I would get it done - had it three years ago when I was 51 - nearly killed me - I broke a rib from coughing and tore a stomach muscle. I wont go into other details but you would need an iron pelvic floor to cope . Would not wish it on my worst enemy - took over three months to come right and stuck at home for over six weeks

brightlights60, Jul 29, 7:43am
Ditto (Mrs B here) got a dose of it after some abdominal surgery. It was horrible. I was so sick. Dr said it would have been a lot worse if no vaccination at all. Thinking of getting a booster myself. I would not wish a full dose of whooping cough on my worst enemy.

oddjob1, Aug 1, 12:58am
Although I was fully immunised as a kid, I copped a case about three years ago too, in my early 30's. The doctor said it was just pure bad luck. I was so sick with it that I still fail to understand how a baby could cope with it and survive. Took me about 6 months to get over it and I had otherwise been as healthy as a horse. I would hate to have it again. Take the booster!

issymae, Aug 1, 1:04am
have paid and waiting to get the jab- they need to pre order it so have to pay first

jenny253, Aug 1, 1:10am
$80 seems expensive, I would check the price.

issymae, Oct 16, 3:29pm
just checked bank acc, was $60. probably more for the nurse to do it

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