WTF TO DO! 4 weeks left of insurance and 4 months

briarnatai, Feb 25, 1:06am
Left of repairs.

Repairs were supposed! to be done in december but date changed constantly and insurance runs out end of march.
Out in a flat the moment but, soon, it won't be affordable.

jules340, Feb 25, 1:22am
Can you apply for the government assistance?

Did you look into the link that was put up when you inquired a month ago?

briarnatai, Feb 25, 1:26am
has been looked into, has been told how much they can get but, doesn't know if approved yet but then it doesn't cover the whole rent

cronezone, Feb 25, 1:39am
If worst comes to worst,you could always pitch a tent in your own yard just for those weeks. Good luck.

briarnatai, Feb 25, 1:48am
3 months? sounds great
what about our belongings and animals?
2 people in the house and 2 cats

justnewbie, Feb 25, 1:53am
what part of chch are you in

briarnatai, Feb 25, 1:57am
house is in avonside

ju9, Feb 25, 2:20am
The Canterbury Earthquake Temporary Accommodation Service can assist you to find temporary accommodation while your home is being repaired or rebuilt as a result of the Canterbury earthquakes.

We can help you find a place within the private rental market or at one of the government supported temporary accommodation villages. For more information visit the 'get help finding temporary accommodation' page

Call us on 0800 673 227 to discuss your requirements or complete the online form.

they also pay a allowance to those of us in your situation. Ring them they are good to deal with!

cry1, Feb 27, 9:04am
Frustrating isn't it but please keep in mind those people who have had to rent for over four years now because of damage to their homes. To these people your three months would have been be a blessing, as they have already faced years of having to pay a mortgage and rent with no foreseeable end in sight.

magpie-mayhem, Feb 27, 11:08am
Wow! How to minimise and belittle the OP's situation.

magpie-mayhem, Feb 27, 11:11am
Not sure if this will apply to your situation. Friends went though something similar involving an extended rebuild timeline and delayed start time. They had a contract signed for a rental for the duration of the stated rebuild period which her insurers agreed to. However the builders delayed the start by a month which meant they had no additional accommodation cover. Their insurance company took the building company to task over it and to the best of my knowledge the building company paid the additional rental cost.

All the very best.

2meltonpark, Mar 1, 11:39pm
Its an appalling situation and there are still thousands of people waiting repairs and rebuilds- see the latest figures.

briarnatai, Mar 1, 11:46pm
the only thing il keep in mind is the 80 year old who has to go into his retirement money (also money he wants to use for other repairs) , to pay for rent on the house (he's also paying rates on his house, he cant live in!)
oh and no foreseeable end in sight, you mean, like ours? how every 2 weeks the date for completion has changed!
you cant belittle me and make me feel bad for my father, but thank you for trying

kayakforsale, Mar 2, 12:08am
I think knowing what I know now, if I was entitled to accommodation money (which I'm not) I'd ask for a full lump sum payment and buy a caravan with the money. Then, when the build goes over time, you'd still have somewhere to stay, and at the end you'd have something to sell or holiday in. But I'm only one person, not a family of 4 or 5, so it would be easy enough for me to do that. Certainly not ideal, but an option. Not in your case OP, and I don't have any helpful suggestions for you I'm sorry. Your situation is horrible and I don't believe it's fair that this type of thing is happening to anyone.

tomber, Jan 11, 2:07am
This is what we did. We bought after the events so there is no accommodation allowance during repairs (this is probably becoming common). So bought a small caravan and parked it up. The repairs have all dragged out. Fumes from one job drove me out of the house for weeks, the floors all coming up were a challenge (five of us plus pets), but at least with the caravan it has been a place to plug in the computer and get some work done.

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