Policemen hiding behind trees on Linwood Ave

2bit, Sep 18, 6:18am
Today I drove up Linwood Ave and noticed two cops in two different spots hiding behind trees, peeking out now and then, and whispering into radios. No idea what that was about but I had to laugh.

jcmp21, Sep 18, 6:28am
It was their picnic day today, they were playing hide and seek.

maddsno, Sep 18, 6:40am
They are catching people on there phones. So easy to see them tho.

calista, Sep 18, 7:28am
I almost ran into one on my bike. There was a group of them blocking the bike crossing by Linwood Park and it wasn't as though I was moving fast.

panicky, Sep 18, 7:29am
They gotta pee somewhere!

richynuts, Sep 18, 7:59am
Digging for Truffles.

jcmp21, Sep 18, 8:01am
Boom, right there

2bit, Sep 18, 9:48am
Whatever they were up to, it truly looked ridiculous.

schnauzer11, Sep 18, 10:14am
I doubt that police plan their operations on how they look from various angles.I detect a restricted life,and little ability to think beyond what is visible.

2bit, Sep 18, 10:45am
No one was suggesting that, but thanks so much for your input.

jamesnmatt, Sep 18, 11:56pm
probably setting up a cordon to keep the riffraff in.

cmscott111, Sep 19, 7:32am
Youre a muppet !

urbanrefugee54, Sep 19, 7:47am
now, now. play nicely. & tomorrow is 'talk like a pirate day'. google it

fimeister, Sep 19, 8:10am
They were at it yesterday too in the same spot. Jeeze fellas, get creative!

fimeister, Sep 19, 8:13am
Or they're plucking up the courage to do some windscreen washing. If you can't beat em, join em.

cmscott111, Sep 19, 8:27am
Must have been working ? why would you go back if it wasnt ?

jcmp21, Sep 19, 8:27am
The poster is a pro police fanboi, there is no limit to the dedication it shows to the cause.

urbanrefugee54, Sep 19, 8:36am
oooh ahhhh me hearty's

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