Police chasing digger with no lights

kiwi_gem, Jun 18, 11:06am
Seems to be going along Pages Road and round East Christchurch streets

puddles11, Jun 18, 11:12am
Meanwhile in Linwood.

bucca11, Jun 18, 11:22am
Had to have a wee chuckle at that. Hubby and I were wondering what all the sirens were for, somebody's going to be in trouble lol

tygertung, Jun 18, 12:07pm
There was a massive police action down new brighton road between the palms and hills road. My friend and I were on the way back from the movies, we almost got run over on the motorbike we were riding! There must have been at least 24 police cars we saw coming from all over the city. Could this be the same affair? We left the palms at maybe 2320?

gem661, Jun 18, 12:15pm
lol. reminded me of Outrageous Fortune when Van West stole a big yellow digger.

pozzie-nz, Jun 18, 6:36pm
Looks like a front end loader to me .

jcmp21, Jun 18, 7:13pm
It's all fun and games until they smash into somebody and kill them.

golfaholic2, Jun 18, 8:28pm
Typical over reaction and waste of resources .

A few years ago I saw a dozen cops sneaking around the golf course . there were several cars on the road , several in the car park , and more on the course . fire engines turned up , and an ambo .
I asked what on earth was going down . 1 man up a tree with a rope round his neck threatening to jump FFS .

Ya get burgled and how many show ?

harrislucinda, Jun 18, 10:45pm
I saw lights on as shining on the bucket
loader digger all the same

megaccino, Jun 18, 11:57pm
I know right, my flat screen tv is worth far more than a human life! What were they thinking.

cmscott111, Jun 19, 12:02am
Unlike what you play on your PlayStation it is no game , it's actually a serious matter that the cops brought to an end safely and they should be commended for

cmscott111, Jun 19, 12:03am
Great post !

golfaholic2, Jun 19, 1:00am
Probably more likely to jump with cops everywhere . a dozen at least .
What can a dozen do that one cant ? . not a great use of resources .

cmscott111, Jun 19, 1:58am
a dozen ? Yeah right , no embellishing that story is there !

bigbadfun, Jun 19, 2:55am
$100,000 in damages.

megaccino, Jun 19, 3:29am
If you had a family member about to commit suicide, I bet you'd be grateful to have so much help on hand. Have come compassion >_>

elect70, Jun 19, 3:52am
Kid is going to be paying for the damages for next 20 years .Well he should but court wont impose restitution on a 16 yr old .

lambrat, May 7, 4:24pm
probably not, but there'll be nothing to stop the insurance company taking him to the civil court, its happened before.

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