Where to go to get lamp rewired in Chch?

2bit, Jun 17, 10:47pm
I've been looking online but most places seem to be interested in bigger jobs.

kam04, Jun 18, 12:03am
What sort of lamp is it ?

2bit, Jun 18, 12:13am
a standing lamp

evergreene, Jun 18, 12:21am
Saxons did one for me. It was approx $75.00 as whole thing needed redoing - it was an antique so very old wires.

kam04, Jun 18, 12:24am
Sounds reasonable.

evergreene, Jun 18, 12:40am
Yes it was, but it seemed a lot as the lamp only cost $20!
And then I got an expensive lampshade made for it. The perils of op-shopping.

kam04, Jun 18, 12:51am
Unfortunately there would have to be a minimal charge for it to be worth while doing plus the cable. Probably needed a new plug top as well. I'm a sparky and I wouldn't have done it for much less.

2bit, Jun 18, 1:22am
Well, the lamp sounds reasonable. It's quite retro and I like it so willing to pay. Any idea how much it would be to have an off/off switch fixed on a heater, kam04? I think it's probably just as cost effective to replace it. Sigh.

kam04, Jun 18, 1:30am
I suggest you take your lamp into Saxons to be repaired and take your heater with you. They may have a switch in stock for the heater or may tell you it's not worth fixing.

2bit, Jun 18, 1:34am
Good plan. I was sort of hoping to find an older, semi retired sparky with a shed-business, if you know what I mean. I object to using the big companies, and they seem to be after the big jobs anyway.

kam04, Jun 18, 1:49am
It would be very unlikely any small firm or retired sparky would have the parts. Only an appliance repair company carries these.

2bit, Jun 18, 1:52am
Can't they order them in? Like any other small business? It's not like it has to be repaired on the spot.

kam04, Jun 18, 1:59am
Phone around and see how you go

oh_hunnihunni, May 16, 4:27pm
You can buy the lampholder and the flex and do it yourself relatively easily and safely if you continue to have issues finding a good sparky. Most standards take a screw fitting - your hardware man can get the right one for you. All up materials cost under $20 retail, half an hour to do the job.

The older the lamp, the simpler the fix.

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