Chimney sweep and curtains

bubbamumma, Jun 8, 7:39pm
Hi there ,

Moving in a few week s and need to get chimney cleaned so would love a name or two of good chimney sweep at reasonable prices that do a good job! Heard a few not so good storeys.
We also need to replace some curtains I'm thinking readymades in a few rooms but lounge area has funny sized windows can anyone recommend a curtain maker please? Local is good Spreydon location.

tahlee21, Jun 9, 10:57am
Go to the curtain bank. They have heaps of curtains and they will size them to fit and wont cost you a thing :)

jessebird, Jun 23, 3:23pm
With ready mades (in shops) they are not warm enough, i have put extra backing on mine, makes it warmer in Winter.
Unless you want to pay the earth for good ones.

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