Blanket & warm clothing donations?

Hi - I know I can put donations in the bins at the supermarkets, etc, but does anyone know of any organizations that will take gently used blankets and fleecy clothing I have no use for and give them (not sell them) to the right people? There are still so many people so cold in Canterbury and I want to make sure I go to the right places. Any suggestions?

mrsbanfield, Jul 6, 2:33 am

That Homeless place

Amy someone is the person in charge. I hope someone knows who I am talking about!

melp6, Jul 6, 2:34 am

Help for the Homeless?

"***************DROP OFF POINTS**********************
St Albans - 2/15 Coles Place - Kali
Rolleston: 6a Peel close - Kim
Kaiapoi-6 Glenvale Dr- Julie
Spreydon-43 flat 1 Bolton Ave - Cheryle
Rangiora: please PM
Burnside- Please PM
Motueka -3:30-7pm Thursday and Friday -Luana
North new Brighton and surrounding areas please PM
Sumner, Mt Pleasant and Heathcote one of our lovely volunteers is happy to pick up.
At the above locations please feel free to drop to door step if no answer at the door.

daisyhill, Jul 6, 3:06 am

Fantastic - that is just what I was looking for! Thanks heaps. Time for a clear out!

mrsbanfield, Jul 6, 4:39 am

I dunno. I would rather be warm and dry than get a crayfish meal a couple times a year. That may be the only meal of the day too, or for a few days.

zoopa, Jul 7, 4:38 am

New Brighton Project has a Blanket Bank, 105 Brighton Mall

angiesbaking, Jul 7, 7:22 am

-weasel-, Jul 8, 3:14 am

How come SOME of these so called cold people who, when they manage to finally get a rental, get Sky Tv straightaway? If you can't afford to pay for heating or blankets then why have Sky?

fergus14, Jul 11, 1:13 am

In the article that was quoted, it doesn't say anything about Sky

I think that in the case of the people that moved into a house with only one room livable(apparently due to rotting floors) there are more pressing things that are of concern then if they have Sky

melp6, Jul 11, 1:19 am

Women's Refuge take good used bedding and clothing. They have bins around the place or will pick up from your place.

2bit, Jul 11, 3:08 am

I have no idea. Bad, uneducated choices maybe?
Im all for hand up not hands out but it's blardy freezing In Christchurch you can't begrudge kids having blankets.

-weasel-, Jul 11, 3:38 am

there are many poor living in garages and caravans who are not technically homeless but are very cold. The homeless charity turns them away.

lorischch, Jul 11, 4:11 am

So you think its acceptable for them to pay for sky but then not have enough money to pay for heating. go give them your money and blankets then.

fergus14, Jul 11, 7:34 am

one of my son's friends has arrived here late yesterday after going to a doctor. sleeping in the street has given him a scary heart condition, he is 20. he is now in my spare room and had first shower in god knows when.
eta. he got kicked out of family home where he had been sleeping in uninsulated garage with no heating since the june quakes when other family members arrived to stay, and caused an upset when he asked to sleep inside again a few months ago.
he didn't mention crayfish, but i've noticed he is happy to eat anything at all.

lambrat, Jul 11, 8:10 am

Good for you Lambrat. Lots of homeless are just young people, being underfed and sick at that age shouldn't be anyones start in life. Cost of rent in ChCh though it doesn't surprise me.

tomber, Jan 19, 1:42 pm

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