Avonside Girls

lotsofmoney, Aug 14, 2:18am
Your thoughts and positives as well as the not so good - thanks

lorischch, Aug 14, 9:20pm
A family member was bullied unmercifully there - the dean advised her to just concentrate on her studies. Had to leave because of it.

nats62, Aug 14, 9:47pm
As with other schools, it would depend on the child. My daughter goes there and is now in Year 11. She had some issues in the first year, but they have a counsellor and that there for them. My girl is very stubborn though and will not back down. She seems to be doing ok now, She is doing really well with her NCEA, so something is working right. I was always going to put her in an all girls school, and that was the closest to us. If I had another girl, I would not hesitate to send her there as well.

mcnic, Aug 16, 10:08am
Avonside Girls does not cater well for the brightest kids. We are hoping that will change before our daughter needs HS but have been warned off Avonside by the Intermediate teachers. Oldest son is at Shirley BHS (Y11) but has already completed some NCEA L1 (Y9) and L2 (Y10) subjects. Sits Cambridge Exams this year as well as some Y12 subjects. Nothing like that to extend kids at Avonside. We are starting to look at private schools for daughter.

samargh, Aug 16, 12:04pm
Really? My daughter is there and is thriving, she has been asked to take part in the Junior Problem Solvers thingy (see how much attention I pay to names lol) and last Friday attended a "Gifted and Talented" (hate that term) seminar that a number of girls across the years attended at Cashmere High. I would still look in to it if that is the only thing that has put you off.

jamesnmatt, Aug 16, 12:18pm
Perhaps the people micnic has spoken to don't have kids invited to be part of the extension programme so have a dose of sour grapes?

I personally know girls who have sat some L1 in year 10, some L2 in year 11 and some L3 in year 12. It isn't offered to everyone, just those who the school believe can excel this way.

mcnic, Aug 16, 11:40pm
It's more that Avonside does not run a G&T program for the entire year. Teachers have described bright kids as having '2 gap years' before NCEA starts. Having seen that way Shirley BHS pushes the bright kids along, we just want the same for our daughter. Our Intermediate Extension class teachers are actively warning against going to Avonside.

butland, Aug 16, 11:47pm
Avonside does have an extension programme that starts in year 10 where they invite select students to start some level one credits and it continues through in year 11 doing year 12 credits etc too.

tomber, Aug 17, 12:32am
Extension programmes that run for a lesson a week are of limited value for an all round bright kid, in addition not all bright students will have a place or be singled out as gifted and talented but would still benefit from a culture of extending bright kids. Not reflecting on Avonside, just something I have noticed in other schools. I had one who was not put onto the G&T program that ran on one afternoon per week, but when she came to CGHS she got really pushed and is now flying, winning competitions, prizes and always getting top grades.

jamesnmatt, Aug 17, 1:11am
Where did you get "a lesson a week" from? These are girls in classes a year ahead on a daily basis LOL

Also worth noting that kids can be extended - and routinely are - within their peer level.

kiwimum, Aug 17, 8:25am
Would be interested to hear which school your daughter goes too where they are telling you this. AGHS do cater for the brighter girls in all levels. They do not run the extension class like they do at both primary and intermediate levels. This is the reason for entrance exams so they can place the likeminded girls in the same classes. Each girl is then given the opportunity to be extended to another level in every class that they do. At year 11 my daughter was doing year 13 work Nd is now undertaking extra curricular work in year 12.

Every school is different and you should really do your homework in person at the school before making judgement. Go to open nights, make appointments to see the school during working times, talk to current students, but don't go on hearsay from others.

mcnic, Aug 17, 9:41am
No, no sour grapes - hearing from those with the kids in what AGHS does have for extension, who are comparing with their sons at SBHS. Fantastic to hear of people who feel that AGHS caters to the bright kids - will definitely explore the options when the time comes. Strange to hear such conflicting views though, even regarding the facts, but as stated above - important to investigate for yourself. (Which pretty much answers the first question even though this thread's gone off on a tangent about extension classes!)

andrew697, Aug 17, 7:49pm
A Teacher told me that Avonside High School is not that great for a variety of reasons at present!

However, I have no personal knowledge of AGHS!

andrew697, Aug 17, 7:52pm
With your "Username" of "lotsofmoney" I would have thought that you would have considered going private or to Christchurch Girls High School - for your daughter.

I believe Rangi Ruru, St Margarets College, Christchurch Girls High School and Villa Maria College achieve good to great NCEA results.

Just a thought!

keyring, Aug 19, 10:12am
Avonside has a great GATE coordinator at the moment and she is doing a lot to upskill staff. She is very approachable and would want to talk with you about your daughter if you had any concerns.

jamie2016, Aug 7, 4:40pm
i was told a few years ago that AGHS has always had a bad reputation with horrible behaviour as was as a bad name of Sults paradise (i changed a couple of letters of the first word around) which i thought was not a very nice thing to have hanging around / stigmatism (SP) attached to it. but then again it was also said that it was due for demolition in 2009 as it was full of too many cracks (sexist Joke)

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