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devine-spark, Jan 30, 9:18am
We paid about 12K for a 5.2 system and inverter. They are cheaper now. Our house is not an efficient house and our bills are usually up in the 300 - 500 range depending on the time of the year. We have more than halved our bills so saving about 2k a year. We are happy with that. When batteries get cheaper and better we will get one and be more self sufficient.

gillian25, Jan 30, 10:15am
More than the average mortgage and climbing!

si50, Jan 30, 7:35pm
we paid $118 in our last Meridian bill but we were away for 7 days of that and the hot water tank was turned off. In winter we go to around $350. But our house is a wreck (awaiting rebuild) so I'm hoping that's not normal! Family of 4 with 2 teens.

lil_tarnz, Jan 10, 11:59am
mines a family of 3 in a 4 bedroom house with at least 1 person home at all times, power bills $80ish each month, $120ish in winter,

just had a discussion with my mate who lives ONLY with her partner in a 1 bedroom flat and she's paying $50 a WEEK!

i told her she's getting ripped off lol!

fyi we are both paying bill to company direct (i.e. no renting/landlords)

how much do you guys pay each week/month?

pooks3, Jan 10, 12:04pm
In Summer around $250 in winter around $550 a month, I think the last time I had a power bill of $120 was about 19 years ago

Edit to add family of 6, I work from home, so here always, house is big though

laspaz, Jan 10, 5:23pm
Family of 4, 2 adults home everyday. usually under $100 per month.

We do heat our own hot water with a chip heater though.

ryanm2, Jan 10, 6:45pm
Family of 4 - 2 adults 2 kids. We will be just under $200 in winter and around $140 in Summer. 1 adult working from home.

lilyfield, Jan 10, 7:01pm
Only me here, 40$ summer 65 winter.

worzel6, Jan 10, 7:02pm
Let's ask how many units do you use a month, that is the best way to compare

jimgammy, Jan 10, 7:04pm
family of 5. Around $150 in summer. Around $300 in winter.

151.4 kw in the last week on record.

harrislucinda, Jan 10, 7:38pm
just the 2 of us but sneeking up $ 200 now but hubby does do the odd bit welding

vic008, Jan 10, 7:48pm
Wow! Who's that with please?

supersapper, Jan 10, 8:25pm
Yes I am curious too. I'm on my own, have gas hot water and a woodburner for winter and my summer power bills are usually around $70 and my winter double that at the most (about 105kw a week in winter). I can't really see how to cut back on power usage any more except to maybe turn off all switches when appliances not in use.

ttaotua1, Jan 10, 9:14pm
three adults and its over $200 just because of one person during summer and winter $300 to 400.

eddienz, Jan 10, 9:16pm
Family of 3.
Around 300 summer. 500 winter

jessebird, Jan 10, 9:19pm
mine too, Meridian i was $600 in credit last year.

jessebird, Jan 10, 9:21pm
gosh thats high, i could never pay that.

lilyfield, Jan 10, 9:34pm


treachug, Jan 10, 9:56pm
Really? that low?
Be honest. do you have gas water heating and fire for heating as well?
The amount of people that have cheap power bills but don't disclose or admit they have additional costs they don't factor in like gas/wood etc.

I'm all electric here & two adults in summer around $120 p/m & winter $180-$200 p/m

morticia, Jan 10, 10:24pm

This month ours are
983 electricity units
482 gas units

2 x fixed charges etc

"How much" is a useless comparison. Even "how many people" doesn't really do it. It's about "how many appliances and devices, how many and what type of lamps you have and how you use them. How many opportunities for waste electricity you have. A big house with single glazing and 4 adults using multiple fridges, multiple freezers, multiple microwaves, multiple washing machines and a dryer, multiple PCs mostly on, multiple SKY boxes and TVs, incansdescent lighting etc etc won't be using the same as a small or double glazed house with only one of each, a couple of kids, a wood fire with wetback for heating, clothes drying and hot water and halogens.

jane310567, Jan 10, 10:55pm
We have a large new home, 2 adults, 4 teenage children, gas cooking and hot water - power in summer around $200-250, winter around $350-400. Gas cylinders are around $98 and in winter they last around 3 weeks and in summer around 8 weeks. Takes more gas to heat freezing water! In our older 70's home we were spending much more than this!

jojo76, Jan 10, 10:58pm
2 adults 2 kids, someone home all the time. With wetback around $260 winter $180 summer, modern 7 year old house. I don't know where we use our power to be honest :(

sharonann1, Jan 10, 11:07pm
Our latest was $140.62 that is with discount off 529 units used. 2 adults and 1 home all day. In winter $201.91 780 units used with discount off, plus we have wood burner. We use heat pump in winter to heat living area and wood burner to heat lounge. In summer on hot day use heat pump on cool.

ae86guy, Jan 10, 11:18pm
My latest bill was $60.40 after prompt payment discount, 234kwh used over 30 days that's for 2 adults and 2 kids, 1 adult at home all the time. We also have gas hot water which is $87.98 bout every 6 weeks, in winter we use around 400kwh a month and use a pellet fire for heating.

bwg11, Jan 10, 11:18pm
Excellent. This what we need to make valid comparisons.

Just looked at our usage, I've divided to year into summer (October to March inc.) and winter (April to September inc.) Average monthly units are Summer 530, and winter 722 units.

We are retired, so two of us, usually home all day, big 1970's architectural barn with high ceilings, which is un-insulated (except under floor) and single glazed. As it is an "open plan" design, we have one big heat pump, and are all electric except for about $100/year gas for a built-in gas fire. (only used when extremely cold or power cuts).

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