Belfast Bins tomorrow

pip4, Jun 19, 6:04am
We cannot for the life of us remember what bin goes out tomorrow (Friday). can someone please enlighten us.

doggybear, Jun 19, 6:09am
We are in Belfast and ours was red on Monday. so I would say red. if unsure the best thing to do is have a peek and see what others are putting out :)

pip4, Jun 19, 6:12am
Think we go opposite to you . so probably yellow. we tried looking but couldnt tell.

karmarh, Jun 19, 9:16am
See what the neighbours are putting out & then you do the same

family007, Jun 19, 9:40am

nzmax, Jun 19, 11:02am
That's the only way I remember, see what the neighbours have put out. I live in a nice quiet cul-de-sac, and have been caught out once when a retired neighbour, who puts their bins out early, had put the wrong one out. Most of the neighbours put the same colour bin out too, including myself. We all had a good chuckle at that one.

fineo, Jun 19, 10:06pm
All here for you,even an app for your smart phone.

pip4, Jun 21, 6:32am
Thanks all. yes it was yellow. we finally figured it out. usually one of us remembers but both forgot haha.

planespotterhvn, Apr 6, 2:14pm
Put all three out and only the ones being emptied will be :-)

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