Lost Gift Card - Value $75.00 Michael Hill's

I was in Farmers Northlands just after 2pm today & made a purchase at the General Beauty Counter, anyway I ended up leaving a white unsealed envelope on the counter with a $75.00 Michael Hill Gift Card in it :O( I am so hoping someone has found it and handed it in.

nzkea1, Sep 12, 3:28 pm

not everyone is dishonest . Best of luck.

samanya, Sep 12, 3:29 pm

can you phone farmers and c if it been handed in. Or phone Michael Hill and see if they can but a stop on it.

dolphinlu, Sep 12, 4:38 pm

Ask Farmers to check their security cameras.

jenny253, Sep 12, 5:00 pm

Thanks :O) yes there are more honest people than dishonest.

nzkea1, Sep 12, 5:01 pm

I have contacted Farmers Beauty Counter and also the Office, I have also got in touch with Michael Hill to see if anyone had "spent" it so far no luck Farmers have contacted me and it has not been handed in. A wee tip re Gift Card if I had taken note of the number on the card that would have been helpful for them but I had not even thought about taking the number - will do from now on though.

nzkea1, Sep 12, 5:05 pm

do you have a receipt for the gift card - or even a time of purchase & they should be able to track it. also about the cameras. item might have been left, but go to police & redg it as a theft.

urbanrefugee54, Sep 12, 5:59 pm

Thanks everyone for you advice, I have made quite a few phone calls, but much to my disappointment my $75.00 Gift Card has not been handed in Hopefully the person who found it enjoyed spending someone else's hard earned $$$$ or better still actually donated it for a Good Cause MMMMMmmmm

nzkea1, Sep 14, 2:58 pm

Could you ask Michael Hill to put a 'red alert' on it?
Most business's have a list of 'things to be on the watch for' .

samanya, Sep 14, 6:51 pm

I'm sure the OP knows that already So it wasn't necessary to point it out, was it . have you not ever been in a similar position & lost something. credit card left in shop, maybe?

samanya, Sep 16, 5:19 pm

Thanks for your nice comment :O)

nzkea1, Sep 16, 5:37 pm

Odd comment - as I am not actually blaming anyone else - anyway thanks for your advice!

nzkea1, Sep 16, 5:39 pm

Of course you can . but usually it's pointed out with some intelligence & understanding.

samanya, Sep 16, 9:03 pm

something it sounds like you yourself maybe lacking in

lilbubble, May 1, 2:15 am

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