Where to buy cheap fabric now?

tygertung, Jun 7, 10:17pm
I went to go to Kutwell Fabric on Columbo street yesterday but it seems they really have shut down. Where can I buy bargain fabric now? My next project is to make some curtains, but I am always needing fabric to make sail bags etc.

Kutwell had some reasonable prices, not like spotlight etc.

datoofairy, Jun 7, 10:25pm

jessebird, Jun 8, 3:03am
Fabric Vision Papanui Rd. by Northlands.

shannie1998, Jun 8, 3:31am
I think they also trade on Trade me

schnauzer11, Jun 8, 4:57am

harrislucinda, Jun 8, 5:32am
Seen a material place down is it the main st road riccarton end by Riccarto

fineo, Jun 8, 4:59pm
Haralds have an outlet in Birmingham drive

brightlights60, Jun 9, 1:03am
We have the same problem (Mrs B here). We both sew, and daughter has her own store on Etsy selling cutomised plushies. Times have changed over the last 30 odd years when there were bargains to be had in the way of fabrics! We find Fabric Vision in Papanui really good, for specialised stuff (glow in the dark etc) my daughter buys online. I also still go to fundraising type garage sales, the types that used to be held in halls and churches and are on the decline! and find deceased estate type stuff, where maybe a persons grandmum or aunty's fabric collection has turned up. There is a place called Frosts, off Birmingham drive, that sells bulk. If its still there, you have to buy 10m minimum, but with polar fleece at around $4 a metre its pretty cheap. I used to use that place for making stuff for the kids, sweatshirts, capes, blankets etc. What gets me these days is the price of good sewing cottons (polyester). I buy the 1000m spools and they are $20 each now.

shannie1998, Jun 9, 3:11am
Thanks brightlights - didn't know about Frost.
According to their website they're at 10 Craft Place in Middleton. Street is almost opposite Haralds Fabrics

tygertung, Jun 18, 4:21pm
Best place to get the spools of thread is sewingtime in town. You buy the 4000-5000m spools they are pretty economical. They have the UV resistant sppols for when you are sewing sails and all sorts. Competivly priced. Good quality Australia thread.

I'll have to check out Harolds and Fabric Vision, but from memory those outfits were pretty expensive compared with Kutwell. Kutwell has nylon etc very cheap which could be used for making spinnakers for your sailboat.

I am a male so am typically looking for a more heavy duty type fabric.

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